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Des sikhs en cour contre l’Assemblée nationale | Le Devoir

The same week the federal government announced the kirpan would be allowed in Canadian embassies and consulates, a reminder that it remains an issue in Quebec, where the Assemblée nationale did not allow Sikh leaders to enter given their insistence on wearing the kirpan. 731 more words


Canada to allow Sikh kirpans in its embassies and missions abroad

By Jeff Lacroix-Wilson

Ottawa Citizen

Eight years after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that kirpans – the ceremonial daggers worn by those of the Sikh faith – could be safely brought into schools under certain conditions, they will now be allowed into all Canadian embassies and missions abroad. 667 more words


Do Gaysians Exist?

The “gaysian” – or gay asian – is a rare creature. Often seen parading through bazaars in eccentric and over-accessorised garments, you will frequently hear him use words such as “fierce” and “fabulous” to express his delight when coming across the season’s latest sherwani. 904 more words

Annual Vaisakhi Parade on Saturday, April 19th

The annual Vaisakhi Parade, marking the Sikh New Year, has been held in Surrey for the past 12 years and attracts 80,000 to 200,000 people. It’s one of the largest parade of its kind outside of India and brings together people of all cultures to join in the celebration. 40 more words



A Photo a Day – April 12, 2014 – Day 58
Vaisakhi is celebrated by the 135, 310 Sikh people that live in BC and so today we joined the celebrations downtown. 18 more words


New Policy Accommodating Sikh Kirpan at Canadian Missions Abroad

Another application of the Supreme Court’s Multani decision (allow Sikh children to carry the kirpan at school). Reasonable accommodation and responding to community concerns. Timing of announcement, of course, is political (on Vaisakhi) 78 more words