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A service for the soul.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar is a place of worship like none other. A temple that is built at a lower level than the city, unlike other temples that are built at a higher level, signifying how important humility is for a person seeking God. 943 more words

The world right now, let me tell ya. #NorthWaziristan ft. #Palestine

First of all, Falasteen Zindabad.

Apartheid is happening in Palestine right now. To me, arguing about it doesn’t even make sense at this point. It’s a fact that hospitals, schools, children, and elderly people in Palestine have been targeted in huge numbers, to the point that this “conflict” is completely one-sided. 391 more words


Delhi: Gurdwara Bangla Sahib

I’ve been back in the United States for a couple of weeks now, and besides the camp in the middle of nowhere that I did last week it is sooo nice to have reliable internet access!!! 313 more words


Moment Driver Crashes £200,000 Ferrari On Test Drive

This is the moment a motorist crashed a new £200,000 Ferrari while taking it out for a test drive.

The man was reportedly driving the 14-plate Ferrari F458, which can reach speeds of 202mph, down the overtaking lane of the A12 near Essex when he lost control. 151 more words


BBC News - India: Curfew relaxed after clashes in Saharanpur

Authorities in India’s Uttar Pradesh state have relaxed a curfew in the city of Saharanpur after clashes between Sikhs and Muslims left three people dead and 20 others injured. 51 more words

Bugatti to Succeed Veyron with 1500hp Supercar

Bugatti, the maker of exotic supercars such as the 1,200-horsepower Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, is considering a model that some might feel contradicts the ethos of the extravagant brand: a hybrid. 377 more words


Today In Sikh History

One of my fondest memories from childhood is sitting in my grandma’s lap and hearing saakhis (stories) about Sikh history. Sometimes these saakhis coincidentally happened when I was trying to get away from trouble, hiding tight in grandma’s comfortable embrace. 1,126 more words