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Ribeira Sacre – Canyons, Cloisters and Clinging Vines

Tucked away in the south east corner of Galicia is the Ribeira Sacre, which translates as the sacred riverbanks. It’s a region rich in religious buildings and vertiginous vistas where heroic viticulture takes place on the steep southern slopes, in order to produce a unique selection of wines. 546 more words

European Nomad


Due to the growing number of electrical systems which now support automated safety functions in the workplace, ensuring ultra-high levels of product reliability has never been more important. 327 more words


What does it take?

So, what does it take for the Oral Bible Storytelling workshop to happen in Yabru? Some things are similar to the workshops in Wewak. We have trainers in both locations who carry the vast majority of the teaching times as well as mentor the language groups. 372 more words

Papua New Guinea

Pregnancy Weekly Update

I completely understand if anyone wants to unfollow. I’m not sure what direction I’m going to take this blog in, I know I’m going to keep updating on our pregnancy and keep following everyone else’s progress. 236 more words

Sill maka Matjes Herring

  •  Start with buttered bread,lettuce and sliced yukon gold potato and sliced med-hard boiled egg.
  • Add Matjes herring
  • Top with chopped chives and crème fraîche on the side.
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Famn Damily

Saturday, Me, My Husband, My Sister In Law and our dear friend Chris, were all nearly arrested for robbing my InLaws’ house.

We were just trying to do them a favor, and everything spiraled out of control. 936 more words

A time of encouragement

Periodically the SPES team has the opportunity to meet with Wewak area pastors and their wives for a time of fellowship. September 22 was the most recent meeting. 228 more words

Papua New Guinea