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Balage is shrink-wrapped silage.  Silage itself is a way of storing grass for winter feed.  I love how the bales sit neatly in the paddocks. 27 more words



This spring growing season has been a big one.  Extra troops in the form of certified Angus cattle had to be brought in to eat down some of the extra grass. 492 more words

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Day 22: high quality feed

As I was doing chores last night, I began to think about all the feed we have stored up for this winter. Both of our silos are full of corn silage, we have a bag of silage for the heifers, not to mention the hay we have bought up. 167 more words

Silo and perhaps a touch of Histo(plasma)

Silos are interesting and often beautiful things, especially the old ones. There was a small one here at the farm when we arrived. Because we didn’t intend to produce silage, we viewed the thing as a liability and, in any case, someone else could certainly have put it to better use. 660 more words


10 Reasons Why Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me

Land spreadin’ out so far and wide. Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside. Famous lyrics to the equally famous television show Green Acres from the late sixties. 530 more words