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God's Friday: Music & Silence

It is a very hard thing, isn’t it?

We’ve just heard the Passion narrative of Jesus’ crucifixion and burial.  And it is so hard to listen to this story of betrayal, sorrow, pain, and death.  903 more words

Blogging From A to Z: Quiet

Have you noticed that there seems to be different kinds of quiet?  The quiet of a snowfall versus the quiet of the early morning dawn? The quiet of the house when the family is still asleep from the quiet of a room when you’re alone?    126 more words



Isolating ourselves as the old monks used to do in the past is getting everyday more difficult. Information, news and gossiping travels around the world in seconds and, thanks to technology we can witness an event on the other side of the world almost in real time. 500 more words


Saturday 19th April

A day for silence.
Jesus has died.
The pain has ended.

But what is to come is still unknown.

Imagine Peter, Mary, John and all the others. 72 more words

DayBreaks for 4/19/14 - Sounds of Silence

DayBreaks for 4/19/14 – The Sound of Silence

This is the forgotten day of the Easter story.  It is easy to skip from Friday to Sunday.  512 more words


A Confession (and a return to blogging)

Music of the day: Let It Go, sorry if you’re already tired of it. Fitting though, as you’ll see.

Well then! I had intended to follow up that last article with two more in sequence which were intended to introduce a whole new series of long, in-depth pieces. 666 more words

My Thoughts

Day 0237

A wanker of a psychologist once told me I read too much – that I look for life to have meaning and sense where it doesn’t. 359 more words