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Do We Fear or Embrace the Dark Night of the Soul?

There are seasons where I feel like my life is unraveling and becoming too difficult to face in a loving way of humility.  It seems I am the lost one who needs some enlightenment.  481 more words

Mystical Imagination

Self-Sought Quality

Once in a while you need to reflect on the quality of your ideas. I feel that in the last few weeks, while having excellent topics to speak on (ranging from social media, the concept of vulgarity in language and communication, more reviews on books I’ve read, etc), I really needed to take the time to sit back and actually let these thoughts marinate in my mind. 418 more words


Picture of the Day: Sunset Clouds.

I’ve lived in Montreal for 20 years, and yesterday was the first time I set foot on the Oratoire St-Joseph. I got home after physiotherapy with the distinct desire to capture the sunset, and with the little time I had available, the Oratoire was my closest and best choice. 65 more words


Stone woman

She lays open to the world, naked
Stretched across a shape like a half dome
It presents her stomach, the center of life, towards the sky… 100 more words

Au revoir

Poets need Poetry

but Poetry doesn’t need poets,

their silence has no importance:

when their pages are left


Poetry remains

Poetry lives

Poetry loves… 35 more words

Poems (English)

Il abat un Rom en Suisse après 22 heures, il est condamné pour tapage nocturne. 

« La Suisse est un pays où l’on respecte son prochain ». Le juge n’a pas mâché ses mots en condamnant Marcel Jauffret, coupable d’avoir fait du bruit après l’heure réglementaire. 77 more words

Vos Papiers