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First Minister in missing records riddle over Hollie Greig abuse allegations

So the SNP supporters love to shout about accusations of paedophilia involving members of parliament. These are of course, only allegations. Now, what if the same thing was happening right here in Scotland, and the First Ministers office knew about, and either took no action, or made the case “go away”? 777 more words


Your Voice, Your Stand

By Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

Silence is golden, yet what does it mean to be silent and what does it mean to be silenced? It is important that we clarify the difference, because one does exists between these often interchangeable words. 737 more words

Democracy And Freedom, SNP Style.

The SNP may not be a Fascist party, but they do use fascist tactics against anyone who disagrees with them. They will bully anyone to try and silence them. 243 more words


Shadowed: Getting Ready

Okay, you guys, I can take a hint!

As of this writing, the poll is as follows:

Shadowed: 51.2%

The Love Dare:  26.83%

The Europa Conspiracy:  17.07%

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You’ve got me suffocating

On the pain

That resides insides of me

I’m coughing up

Feelings of fury

I know

You feel sorry now

That it is all said and none… 6 more words

Creative Writing

They Really Don't Know Us

I am sure journalists and high profile bloggers/writers get lots of twitter messages disagreeing with their view. Journalists don’t seem to report facts anymore they give us their view and disguise it as fact. 232 more words