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Silenced: Chapter 27: Less Than Masculine

A thought has occurred to me as I near the ending of the book, guys.  I’ll get to it in a few minutes, and it will become clearer as The Big Event draws nigh. 1,097 more words


4 On 1 Review: A Fairly Inappropriate Combination

Bad Milo! (2013)

Always thinking he had digestive system problems, a man (Ken Marino) finds out that he has a demon living inside of his anus that escapes to kill his enemies. 581 more words


Silenced: Chapter 26: Theme Music

Ranold drops Jae at the airport (two hours from D.C. to Paris, we’re informed by the ever-helpful Jenkins), and gives her a bug to plant on Paul. 688 more words


no verse

i have 

no verse

for you

this foggy

muggy morning

good cheer 

has deserted me

wits too, i guess

by the Chao Phraya’s banks.

2014 © Bong Mallonga Mendoza… 24 more words

Erato's Acolyte

In high-school, I loved listening to Alicia Keys. I’d play her live album “Unplugged” over and over again. My younger sister and I adored her songs, her lyrics and just who she is as an individual.  362 more words

Freedom & Redemption

Actuosa Participatio

Dear Bishop, Deacon Nick Donnelly, of the blog “Protect the Pope”, provided many of the faithful with a sound insight into church affairs, especially into the disgraceful activities of the ACTA organisation.

695 more words

Silenced: Chapter 25: Brilliant!

“Ranold,” Margaret called out, “the message light is blinking on the phone.”

The message is from Bia.

International counter-terrorism: best left to answering machines.

Bia’s carrying the Idiot Ball right now: she totally bought Paul’s “Bia’s great and loves her kids” fake-out. 

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