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The Darkest Hour-Cell Thirteen-11

This is the eleventh chapter in a continuing fictional series. To see past chapters please check my older posts

I don’t remember falling asleep. I remember leaning against the wall and listening to Pierre breathing and knowing for a long time that he was not asleep either, and then wondering if maybe he was. 1,433 more words


word police - feminist division

Followed a twitter conversation – posh educated white middle class cis self-proclaimed feminist (P) and another person (S).

P was asked by S to clarify her view. 170 more words

His Desires Laid Bare

Palming the wickedly sharp blade
She was at it once more
An ad placed, a connection made
Luring him to her door
Sweet sin promised in whispered words… 143 more words


Ripped Away

I scream until my tonsils burn

The words don’t escape my mouth

Silenced by thread and needle

The seamstress is surly uncouth


Thrashing about and wishing for freedom… 50 more words


Silenced. (Fiction)

Every day has seemed more lonelier than the previous. Solitary melancholy has echoed through the nooks and corners of this home. Ten years of abandonment. Ten futile years of solitary confinement. 368 more words


I was very wary of the word “Cis” when I first read it. I am Cis, I was born female/girl and have remained that way throughout my life. 134 more words

Gag These Words

Gag these words,

These thoughts.

But they’re still there.

And they leak out in the things I don’t say.