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Never Let The Internet Spoil Your Favorite TV Show Again

King Joffrey was killed this week on Game of Thrones. Poison. Tyrion seems to have been framed.

I would apologize for telling you that so blatantly, but if you’ve been on the internet in the past few days then you most likely already know all about the Lion and the Rose and the outcome of the Purple wedding. 195 more words


Beat the Week! **Spoiler Alert**

Hey everyone! It’s Monday again, so we are back again with our Beat the Week tip. Last night (like every Sunday night) social media was flooded with conversations regarding the newest episode of the HBO series  245 more words




Death is Life’s way of telling you, You are Fired !!
Death,the inevitable Killer,
Death,the silent silencer.
Death would come at anytime, BE PREPARED !! 31 more words


ATF Out Of Control

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) raided a local gun shop here in Bakersfield, California, called EP Armory.  The store had been open for all of six days when federal agents swooped in and shut them down.  980 more words

Gun Control

Consider a Powerflow performance exhaust

Is it time for you to replace your car’s exhaust system?
Have you noticed rust around your silencer and tailpipe?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then consider replacing your stock exhaust system with a performance (cat-back) exhaust system. 328 more words

Pellet Flipping

In the last post (He aims, shoots and misses) I was talking about a real life “tilt” with muzzle damage causing wildly inaccurate fire.

One of the hardest thing for an air gun pellet to cope with is a “gentle nudge” of high pressure air billowing round it’s base just after it leaves the muzzle.


Hera Arms TRIARII silenced possible or not?

For those unfamiliar with the HERA ARMS TRIARII  you can watch these videos:

Given the demand received from several followers that is or is not possible to use a silencer on TRIARII… 217 more words

Hera Arms