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Remember: You be you. Your voice is the only currency in this world that you’ll never have to earn or fret about losing. So spend it often.  150 more words


Silent Bob Shaved Off His Beard - Is New Person

In important news, actor Kevin Smith has decided to conciously uncouple from his longstanding partner-in-crime, his beard.  The former 44-year old tweeted:

Look at this goofy spaz.

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Your Story

This is a caricature i did to honor a great artist and entertainer. Kevin Smith’s follow-your-interests and do-what-you-love ideology has always inspired me. I still remember watching Mallrats for the first time and instantly feeling less alone in this world. 12 more words


Is it ok to give Viagra to your ferret?

That searchphrase, which came to mind while I was giving Thing One his sink bath (he didn’t draw blood), collects stories about giving marijuana to your hamster, but nothing about Viagra or ferrets. 1,124 more words

In Hollywood, you just kind of fail upwards - An Evening with Kevin Smith Review

Kevin Smith talks about a variety of subjects, and then finds a way to make a dick joke about almost every single one of them. 209 more words