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Dreams of Toyland (Arthur Melbourne-Cooper, 1908)

A young boy dreams that his toys come to life.

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Another example of the fine curiosities available on the brilliant BFI Player. I recently discovered this was pre-loaded onto my TV (a Samsung) so I’ve been watching some pretty obscure silent films in my lounge in all their glory.* 143 more words


Conrad Veidt - A Man to Be Remembered for More Than Just Inspector Strassaer

Over the years there have been many stars in Hollywood’s parade of stars. Some were fleeting and have long been forgotten. Others shone so bright that it is doubtful that their light will ever be extinguished. 607 more words


Lillian Gish – 1st Lady of the Silent Screen

Lillian Gish – 1st Lady of the Silent Screen

Lillian started working with a famed director after being sponsored by a close friend. Her frail build but strong mind gave her parts that many women would have turned down. 1,052 more words

Silent Cinema

Movies watched on 1-2-15

The Karate Kid Part III-I actually saw the first two movies during their theatrical run. And only now do I finally decide to watch this installment. 155 more words


Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday! Remembering Actresses: Mabel Ballin, Winifred Greenwood and Clara T. Bracy

“The good old year is with the past;
   Oh be the new as kind!”

From: A Song for New Year’s Eve, by William Cullen Bryant, 1859 

By C. S. Williams

Birthday Wishes!