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Silly Connections

We have noticed that people are connecting with each other in a more frivolous and silly way. Letting go of the boundaries of reality and having fun is a way of connecting better with others. 196 more words


Freshers Flu

I was told there would be a low point in freshers week when I got homesick and started crying.

Instead I’ve had the continually amazing best week of my life. 402 more words


The Thing About The Silent Disco

The thing about the silent disco is that is a massively personal experience. It is dancing to music that only you can hear, whilst simultaneously dancing, singing, sharing with everyone around you, who are experiencing their own personal music that only they can hear but that you can also hear. 227 more words

Freshers Week Madness

Cardiff goes crazy every September as we anticipate the arrival of thousands of students. It’s bonkers.

This week, we helped a few of our favourite clubs welcome the fresh young faces to town. 384 more words


Woman Accidentally Deletes a Lifetime of Photos - Read, listen and learn a little English!

A woman accidentally deleted every digital photo she had ever taken. Amy Molloy lost 2,600 pictures, including those of her late husband. It happened when she transferred her pictures from her ex boyfriend’s…

170 more words

Kernow Rocks

Now I know I said I wasn’t going to post as often, but this is just a quickie to correct any less-than-effervescent impressions evinced by my recent reflections about life in Sampson’s home town, the delightful village of St Newlyn East. 1,690 more words