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Charlie Chaplin in A DAY'S PLEASURE (1919) - A pretty long journey

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Unlike Charlie Chaplin’s short Sunnyside, at least with A Day’s Pleasure, you can see what Chaplin was aiming at comedy-wise. 358 more words


Robert and Nanook

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

Robert Flaherty’s “Nanook of the North” is usually discussed as a documentary, but I wonder if the movie isn’t ill-served by that conversation, which is simply too limiting to address the subtleties of Flaherty’s art. 183 more words


Post the Hundred-and-Fifteenth: In Film

Gentle Reader, I was once a film star.

Only briefly, mind, and it was a silly little production we undertook for a party, but we did have a professional crew and director; there was an actual premier, and I was accosted by an adoring fan. 319 more words


The Treasure of Treasures

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

Lately I’ve been enjoying, bit by bit, the Cohen Film Collection’s restoration of D.W. Griffith’s  “Intolerance,” which is available to stream via… 375 more words


Happy birthday, George Melies

Today is the birthday of French silent-film illusionist George Melies (1861-1938).

Melies was the George Lucas of his day, only without the latter-day technology. He used every trick in the book — stop-motion, elaborate sets, and color painted directly onto the film frames — to evoke a fantasy world unlike any other. 162 more words

Silent Film

Silencio Episode VII: "Bloody Mary X-Mas"

Yes, it is about time for our December’s Silencio, the unique event that brings together the best that silent cinema has to offer, be it mainstream or hardcore avant-garde, with one of the town’s most exciting music/performance ensembles, … 232 more words