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Abusive Parents in Entertainment

There are many examples of abusive parenting in entertainment. Warning, this article has spoilers.
The best example is how Homer Simpson is always strangling his son, Bart. 462 more words

Child Abuse

Surviving Horror - Silent Hill 2: My Special Place

Surviving Horror is a periodical series about my favourite video game genre, survival horror. With it, I hope to explore how the genre got its start, how it effectively manages to scare us as players, and how it has evolved in term of mechanics, themes, and storytelling over the years.


Nostalgia Silent Hill 2 PC Gamer (Maret 2014): Suara dan Interpretasi Monster

Sebagai seorang yang menggunakan PC sebagai platform gamingnya, salah satu majalah yang saya lirik untuk mengamati perkembangan game adalah PC Gamer. Salah satu rubrik di majalah ini adalah… 640 more words


Membuat Silent Hill 2 PC Bisa Layar Lebar (Widescreen)

Masih terheran-heran juga, dengan banyaknya kata kunci silent hill 2 yang masuk ke blog ini. Masih adakah yang memainkan versi PC-nya? Dengan teknologi maju saat ini, harapannya game ini bisa berjalan lancar. 693 more words


Old but gold #2 Silent Hill 2

Remember the time when games could really be called survival horror games? If you do, you cannot remember Silent Hill 2. A game that didn’t count so much on the one time scare factor, this game offered a full psychological factor playing with your mind. 693 more words


The fall of the survival horror genre: why aren't we scared?

At the tender age of 13 I played (and finished) my very first truly terrifying video game. Silent Hill 2 kept me awake sweating and darting my eyes around the room for nights on end. 1,098 more words


Top Five Heart-Rending Moments In Silent Hill

The Silent Hill franchise is well known as one of the best horror franchises on console games. This is for very good reason as each game is absolutely terrifying in its own right.