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Status Sunday

Completely unrelated, but can I just say that I hate WordPress’s new look for New Post? It’s ugly and looks like something LiveJournal rejected. But bitching aside…. 201 more words

Status Sunday

Quote of a Week #20

“This town is full of monsters! How can you sit there and eat pizza?”

- James Sunderland, Silent Hill 2

The Women of Silent Hill: Angela Orosco

Of all the women in Silent Hill 2, Angela’s story is the most independent of James’. While James struggles with his conflicted feelings toward his dead wife (feelings that often present themselves in disturbingly violent and sexual ways), Angela struggles with the trauma and guilt she feels as a result of a lifetime of parental abuse. 4,655 more words

The Women of Silent Hill 2: Maria, Part 2

Throughout Silent Hill 2, Maria is torn between acting out the role for which she was created and struggling against it. 2,884 more words

The Women of Silent Hill 2: Maria, Part 1

Since this post looks like it’s going to run even longer than the one about Laura (What can I say? There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Maria), I’m going to break it into two parts, one dealing with Maria in the main game and one dealing with “Born From a Wish,” though there will naturally be some overlap. 2,683 more words

The Women of Silent Hill 2: Laura

To celebrate the birth of this newly minted blog, I decided to fall back on one of the most popular examples of video games as a narrative art form, … 3,055 more words

Silent Hill 2; not just a videogame, but a masterpiece

Silent Hill 2 was the first Silent Hill game that I ever played (I bought the HD collection for PS3 shortly after getting my PS3), and it was maybe the most haunting, beautiful emotionally-engaging videogame I have ever played. 373 more words