Vacation Destination

Vacation Destination:

I made a strip about my new car and I wanted to feature another strip with it. One of my favorite things my girlfriend enjoys is getting out of town for a drive outside of our town. 103 more words


Memory Lane: Birth of The Jaded Gamer

Has anybody heard of Mancrates? Because you see this thing here…

…fills me with so much want.  I distinctly remember that era.  That’s the Super Retro Gamer… 1,070 more words


Level One: Silent Hill

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 74/100

Title: Silent Hill
Developer: Konami
Platform: Playstation
Year: 1999
Position: #88

I am a chickenshit when it comes to survival horror video games. 354 more words

Bucket List

You must play... Silent HIl

Silent Hill is certainly a game that is among the most tense of all time.
With influences of the most diverse, the series that began in the PS one has a legion of fans, even if it has undergone some changes over the years. 102 more words


Day #192: Silent Hill: Downpour - Anne's Story (IDW Publishing)

[Tom Waltz | Tristan Jones]


After her corrections officer father was brutally attacked during a prison riot, Anne Cunningham began to plot her revenge against the inmate responsible. 358 more words


Probably the Most Frightening Game I've Played

Over the weekend, I had the chance to sit down and have a decent session on my Christmas present, Sony’s PS4.

After playing Swapper (this month’s PS Plus must have) until late in the night, I found myself exploring the Playstation Store looking for a few demos to mix it up and get an idea on what my next purchase may be. 365 more words


The Video Game List

This is the Video Game list.

I should start this by saying that I adore video games. I have been playing them since I was very young and I have many memories of shouting at my NES when I was just a knee high to a Goomba. 403 more words

Horror Games