Konami Set to Release Silent Hill: Origins and Shattered Memories on Playstation Network

Get ready to be re-introduced to horror

Konami have announced that Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories previously released for the Playstation Vita will soon be re-released for the Playstation Network service. 288 more words

PS3 News

Deux opus du jeu vidéo Silent Hill arrivent sur consoles portables

Les volets Origins et Shattered Memories de Silent Hill feront leur apparition sur PS Vita. Le prix pour accéderà ce ludiciel ne dépassera pas 10 €. 40 more words


Silent Hill (2006)

Directed by Christophe Gans.

Silent Hill is a film adaptation of the ground-breaking survival horror video game series Silent Hill. The games are critically acclaimed, renowned for their subtle, surreal horror and thick atmosphere, but the movie adaptation has been bemoaned by fans of the series (although not as much as the sequel). 543 more words

Horror Show

Let's Twist Again

( MA-HOOSIVE Spoiler alert for Silent Hill 2, Braid, Bioshock, KOTOR)

In 1987 ( I was minus 4) the very first Metroid game was released. A the end of the game it’s revealed you have actually been playing as a woman the entire time. 391 more words

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Interlude #1 - Lost in the Woods

Hey there ladies and gentlemen! Last week, I was sitting back and thinking about the Silent Hill Saga and decided to write interludes between each of the series’ four songs to fill in some narrative gaps in the story and set the stage for the song that follows. 3,199 more words

Top Game Picks From PAX East 2014

warning: Scenes of GORE are contained in the following trailers. If that isn’t your bag - try this instead.

With that said. We’ll take a look at The Evil Within first.