13. Jacob’s Ladder

Writer Bruce Joel Rubin and director Adrian Lyne are both better known for other things, namely Ghost and Fatal Attraction, respectively, but they share this incredible film together, a psychological horror movie that influenced (alongside… 252 more words

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Constantine: NBC Dooms Its English Exorcist #SaveConstantine

Constantine: NBC Dooms Its English Exorcist #SaveConstantine

Whilst getting ready to review the latest episode in the comic book NBC series Constantine, it was discovered that the network has taken the first steps to cancelling this out of the box program featuring its version of an English exorcist by cutting the first season’s episodes down to 13 hence the social media campaign of hashtag #SaveConstantine. 67 more words


Japanese Horror: Part 2: Silent Hill(s) Part 1

By Yihao Zhang

Before Silent Hill, there were two famous titles in horror games: the Resident Evil and the Alone in the Dark. One is about virus outbreak that change everyone into zombies, and the other one is about cults and mystery cultures. 318 more words

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Carlos Laundromat

Tonight I did laundry by myself as my wife was working a double shift. It’d gone as well as one would expect. Quarters. Detergent. Rinse. Loading my bags into the trunk of the car I hear it. 49 more words

The Consulting Analyst - Silent Hill's UFO Trilogy

You know what doesn’t get enough credit? Silent Hill’s joke endings. They’re more or less the first of their kind, to start with – beforehand you’ve got joke items/scenes and nonstandard game-overs, but never something you actively worked for in the same way. 1,070 more words



A few days ago, I met an impressive man who spoke four languages at the library and was there teaching his daughter Spanish.  I felt happy at that moment, someone finally realizing the potential of knowing many other languages and imprating their knowledge to their offspring.  179 more words