10 great Playstation 2 titles you SHOULD get around to playing.

I’m not sure I know over 5 people personally that didn’t or don’t have a Playstation 2. Practically everyone had or has one, and those that didn’t or don’t have still probably played on one at some point. 1,821 more words

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Silent Hill Retrospective: Part 1

Since the silent hill series is one of my favourite survival horror franchises i decided to create a retrospective series on my youtube channel which can be viewed here.

Part two is coming….


You Died’s Favourite Videogame Soundtracks, Part 2

Part 2 of You Died’s special look at our favorite videogame soundtracks (as the title implies…). Part 1 can be looked at in full glory here… 1,014 more words



“Fire In The Hole” – Justified, 2010

Heute wird’s heiß hier. Denn der Stollen brennt. Wobei das eigentlich eher unbedeutend ist, aber es wird halt mal erwähnt. 1,513 more words

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Potential Upcoming Reviews

So I’m in the midst of playing a few games at the same time, so bear with me while waiting for the next review. Of the games I’m playing, let me know which you’d be most interested in getting a review for soonest! 99 more words

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Perspective & Following on from Requiem

Helloo, its another blog posting, so soon? yeah I know lol

Got 2 things for ya

No.1 – Perspective

I have just finished the final page for the Silent Hill Requiem storyboard, I ended up turning my 61 page script into 150 page storyboard, with on average 6 panels per page, so yeah, that’s a lot of shots. 514 more words