What if horror games were movies?

Honestly there are some horror games I reeaaally want made into movies.

I want to see a movie based on Slender. I can even imagine the trailer; a few scenes that hint at what the movie is going to be and then just show a flashlight turning on in the woods like the game. 65 more words

Filme die man gesehen haben muss Teil 2

Hier ist Teil 2 von Filme die man gesehen haben muss. Diesen Film habe ich ebenfalls gestern bei meinem Horrorfilmemarathon (^^) gekuckt und fande ihn ehrlich gesagt ziemlich gut: 304 more words


Notas sobre alguns demos do PSVita

Antes de me adentrar nos meus games de Playstation Vita (Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Borderlands 2 e Lumines), resolvi passear por alguns dos demos disponíveis na PS Store. 876 more words

PS Vita

King Blood Review

Simon Clark’s King Blood is a mixed bag of enjoyment and eye rolling disbelief. I enjoyed it as much as I sighed at it’s several short comings. 1,561 more words

Novel Reviews

Top 10 Playstation One Games

The year is 1994, Nintendo had the SNES and SEGA had the Saturn both still going strong without any real competition. The industry was craving something new, something revolutionary, something next-gen. 1,497 more words

Raptures Lost