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Review: Our Dancing Daughters

This weekend, I saw Our Dancing Daughters (1928) at the Music Box’s Second Silent Saturday. This film was fantastic in so many ways. Joan Crawford plays the lead, a wealthy flapper, and is absolutely wonderful. 351 more words


Animation Frames



To be able to work in this first experience with animation in two dimensions, students were given a sequence of images to work with; plain black and white frames with a subject. 141 more words


Laurel & Hardy in SHOULD MARRIED MEN GO HOME? (1928) - Not when there's a nearby golf course

(WARNING: Spoilers abound!)

The movie’s title is a bit of a misnomer, because in Should Married Men Go Home?, the married man–Ollie–is home. In a surprising turnaround from the usual situation, the movie opens on a blissful couple buried in the Sunday newspaper. 653 more words


Golf Cart Chase

This dream played out in my head like a silent movie. Everything around me was in black and white, there was cheesy music playing and everyone moved in the “fast-forwarded” style of an old-fashioned chase scene. 59 more words

Thunder 1929

This long lost, silent picture has a family connection. Starring Lon Chaney (The Man of a Thousand Faces), it was filmed on the Chicago & North Western Railroad near Green Bay, Wisconsin.  180 more words

Charlie Chaplin's RECREATION (1914) - Charlie the catalyst

In the park, a woman leaves her husband (Boyfriend? Brother? Who knows?), a sailor, asleep on a bench. She finds another bench to sit at, when Charlie happens upon the scene and tries to appropriate the woman for himself. 101 more words