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Tasting the sweet nectar of silence: Reflections from a 40 day silent retreat in the Himalayas

‘Once upon a time, a student of meditation went to see a sage. The student began discussing philosophical concepts, such as God and the divine existence, but the sage didn’t say anything. 3,763 more words

Bihar School Of Yoga

Light of a Clear Morning

This particular song, sung by it’s composer – Dolly Parton, helped me through deep, untreated depression and grief after my Aunt Nancy died. She had babysat me every day growing up while my parents worked.   675 more words


Hiking: To summit or to "quit"

Yep, that’s me sitting on the rock… looking exhausted, but we had made it to the top :)

I have, for years now, latched onto a life motto that really resonates with me… “Go big or go home”; and while recently in my life I was told by someone special to me that I should not say those words out loud anymore, lol, because apparently it’s a “lame” motto, it is still nonetheless mine and everyone else that knows me could probably very easily associate those words to a story of mine. 1,623 more words


How reaching this moment makes the invisible visible

Grace you said, “To take deep breaths requires mindfulness, stillness, and silence–it’s really waking up to life and taking it all in.” I certainly did that on my silent retreat at… 997 more words


So what do you DO on a silent retreat??

My sister asked me this the other night:

“So what do you DO on a silent retreat?”

It’s a good question, one that worried me tremendously on my first silent retreat 14 years ago. 895 more words


Return from Retreat

Returning from retreat is a skill the meditator cultivates along with any other technique in their practice. As a current resident of New York City (Brooklyn to be precise) with a heart born in the country, this has been a particularly challenging skill for me. 443 more words


Why focusing on this is key during silence

Oh, Grace, I decided to participate in a self-directed silent retreat. I’ve always wanted to go on one and I was inspired to seek and find. 464 more words