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25% of California's largest companies have all-male boards

California likes to think it’s ahead of the curve. But there’s at least one area in which the Golden State, despite the hotbed of innovation that is Silicon Valley, is at least as stodgy as its peers in the rest of the country: the number of women that serve on the boards of directors of its public companies. 485 more words


YouTube CEO Calls For Paid Maternity Leave Across America

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was Google’s first employee to take maternity leave. Google was a teeny 15-person team at the time in 1999, but Wojcicki was assured that business would still be there when she got back. 262 more words


Billion Dollar Babies Initiative Creates Superhighway for Indian Entrepreneurs with Global Ambitions

Representatives from the Billion Dollar Babies initiative announced on Wednesday the launch of a new pilot program to identify and nurture product companies from India into global companies with an enterprise value of one billion dollars. 240 more words


Corporate Hippies Own the Future

At the start-up company I once worked for, they believed in health, happiness, and alternative
spirituality. The founder, Aaron, was a nice guy. He talked a lot about creativity and making the workplace fun. 181 more words


"Eddie The Terrible" Gets An Adorable Adoption Video From The Silicon Valley Humane Society

Here in the Bay Area, we’re the sort of people that get excited when we see a cute dog hanging around.

Evidently, Eddie the probable chihuahua is also that way. 178 more words