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Videos/ 10th class!

Today was the last class of my 10-class-challenge. I’ve been working so hard and improving surprisingly quickly! This has been great for me because usually when I start new things I give up if I can’t notice any improvement in a a fairly quick time. 239 more words


One Moon Is Reflected In Many Waters

One Moon Is Reflected In Many Waters

Raindrops fall on your porch steps

A hazy drizzle, veiling the trees

You feel you are in a mist… 142 more words


High Priestess

New Post time, I have been hanging out with a good friend of mine and a new friend she introduced me to. And I’m not quite sure what I was going with for this look, but It really worked. 111 more words

Hoop Dreams

Usually I go to silks at 6PM on Wednesdays but I had to work today so I went to class at 2. This was great for 2 reasons: 289 more words


Blog feature on Barn Light Electric!

Guys, I am having one of those NAILED IT! design fail weeks. I started to prep the walls of the studio to paint, but realized I’d have to skim coat most of the room to do a decent job. 254 more words


Por fin, a selfie

Great class today. My cousin Katie came so I was finally able to get a picture. Here it is.

This move is called something like the ‘Rebecca Split’ I believe. 280 more words


Bloody Fantastic Evening

Even though having a night off unexpectedly last night from class was nice, today’s mammoth session was welcomed. Twice the conditioning after the moon sequence yoga and some more progress in the strength in silks and hoop has made me a happy bunny. 192 more words