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I recently stumbled onto a post on Buzzfeed about overweight women posting photos of themselves sporting a two-piece bikini. These women were smiling and happy and having a great time on the beach. 490 more words

Silky Bitch

Look what I gone and done yesterday:

This photo is a perfect example of my pale Scottish skin reflecting the sun:

So fun! So pretty! 13 more words


Fitness Review: Aerial Silks with Lone Star Circus

When I think of aerial silks, I think of those amazing contortionist performing for Cirque du Soleil doing all kinds of cool bendy things mid-air. So when my friend Mel invited to me check out a beginner’s aerial silks class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. 778 more words

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Videos/ 10th class!

Today was the last class of my 10-class-challenge. I’ve been working so hard and improving surprisingly quickly! This has been great for me because usually when I start new things I give up if I can’t notice any improvement in a a fairly quick time. 239 more words

One Moon Is Reflected In Many Waters

One Moon Is Reflected In Many Waters

Raindrops fall on your porch steps

A hazy drizzle, veiling the trees

You feel you are in a mist… 142 more words


High Priestess

New Post time, I have been hanging out with a good friend of mine and a new friend she introduced me to. And I’m not quite sure what I was going with for this look, but It really worked. 111 more words

Hoop Dreams

Usually I go to silks at 6PM on Wednesdays but I had to work today so I went to class at 2. This was great for 2 reasons: 289 more words