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Random Words

Bother you

Sava Bien

Girl where are you at

Are you in


Have blue pair

Yeah the river

cherish them well

Following on the importance of friendship, I was coincidentally having this very discussion with a girl I met last night:

Heh, I suppose we all need friends to push us into swimming pools once in a while.

Real Life

The Automatic Post

Anyone who has a blog knows the struggle of actually updating it. I get the best ideas at the worst times. The most common time I think about updating is when I’m going to the bathroom at work. 277 more words


8 Times More Awesome?

So I’ve been sewing lately, got on a sewing kick and did a few dolls.   Which of course means I had to spin a bunch of yarn to make doll hair.  90 more words


Lakes and Loons and Loony Larks

I miss lakes. Lakes were a big part of my childhood, when I think about it. I learned how to swim in a lake (Silver Lake, right?…Gina, Emily, Abby, Stephanie, remember the crazy-painful hot metal slide we played on? 178 more words

Elizabeth's Escapades!

Something Silly

As anyone who has visited the blog recently(ish) knows, particularly those who have visited the vampire posts, there is a certain amount of silliness going on in Instrument of War. 550 more words


If I do one thing today...

It will be to dance like this in my bedroom and pretend it’s the 90s just for five minutes.

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend