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"of love and other demons"

I inadvertedly took a nap earlier today, and cannot sleep now. So I figured I would scribble a quick post, as am not sure how online I’d be in the next few days. 677 more words

Real Life

2014 Day 23 - The Bear in the Bathroom.

The bear in the bathroom is a messy bear,
Doesn’t wash his face or comb his hair
And his trousers are ripped but he doesn’t care. 200 more words

Comic relief.

Comedy. We all need it once in a while. My kids are hysterically funny. I really haven’t noticed until now because I have been in my own bubble, my own world, my own mind. 376 more words

Climate skeptics confuse time and space

Climatologies — gridded datasets of,  for example, mean monthly or annual temperature or precipitation — are very useful in large scale ecological work. I use the… 426 more words

Peer Reviewed Literature

Hello, dear readers

I know I haven’t been writing much here lately. I’ve been doing some things for Raw Charge and working on getting a really big project set up. 119 more words

Tampa Bay Lightning

Nothing is impossible

The goal of ultra-sentient particles is to plant the seeds of awareness rather than pain. The cosmos is overflowing with expanding wave functions.

Reality has always been overflowing with beings whose brains are nurtured by passion. 195 more words


April 22

When I moved into my house, I got an old school chalkboard to hang in my kitchen. I envisioned it as a way for my kids and me to make grocery lists or leave each other messages, like where we are if we’re gone. 60 more words