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My Promise to You (I'll Try My Best, Anyway :P)

I will always (try to :P ) be at 120% of sillehness to cheer you up when you’re down!

SMILE! You’re so much cuter when you do! :D :D :D


Just Everyday Things

I did what I had to do.

The things we do for our families . . . It’s been 8 years and I am still recovering.

I crossed the line this time. I stepped out of the light and into the dark and became one of them. 588 more words


Couldn’t help myself… It’s all NED HICKSON’s fault. His post the other day about SHARKNADO 2 put this crap in my head! A life, I know…it’s still on my to-do list. 219 more words

Random Thoughts

Quote: Johnny Depp

If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.’ 134 more words


Creationist says NASA's search for alien life is unbiblical. I'd be worried if it wasn't.

Popular creationist Ken Ham has slammed NASA’s attempts to find for extraterrestrial life, saying that God has intentionally not created life anywhere outside the Earth, and calling it a “desperate attempt to prove evolution…”

423 more words

Sunday Silliness: Barbara Cartland meets H.P. Lovecraft

By Gordon Rugg

Some ideas are better than others. This one probably belongs in the “others” category…

Have you ever wondered what would have resulted if only Dame Barbara Cartland had shared her talents with H.P. 456 more words


The Library Takes a Cue From the Fast Food Burrito Racket

It’s said there’s more than one way to skin a cat. As a cat lover, I’ve always been appalled by that saying. Why would you want to skin something so ludicrously cute, and as if doing such an unspeakably cruel thing one way isn’t enough, why are we to believe there’s value in spending time figuring out multiple ways to do it? 511 more words

Benbrook Library