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a tip of the hat

I am neither blind to the possibility of love in my life nor do I have great contempt for such in others. It is true, however, that because of the scornful and antithetic nature of acts committed to me by others, I have been made greatly cautious and perhaps even suspicious of its possibility in my life. 134 more words

Tabula Rasa



: to separate into isolated compartments or categories.
: an easy and effective way to get up and get moving.

1. WRITE SAID PERSON A LETTER. 299 more words

Tabula Rasa

Turn It Up to 11!

*It’s bring a watch to school day and I give Desmond my athletic watch (it’s been through obstacle runs, it can handle a 4 year old right?) 169 more words


Desmond Plays Hide and Seek

Desmond: Your car smells like carrots
Me: Really?!
Desmond: Yes. Tim did it. Tim was in your car eating carrots.
Me: I don’t know about that, buddy. 152 more words


Convos with the Kiddos: Part Nine

Holy cow, it’s been over a YEAR since I’ve posted a Convos with the Kiddos post!  Can you believe that?  I couldn’t, but c’est vrai! So, you would think I have an entire year’s worth of gems, right?  392 more words

Silly Boys

GrumpySkunk can be loud too

Me: Desmond do you want to hear some music?
Desmond: No. I’m good.
Me: Ok. Do you mind if daddy listens to music? 212 more words


"Sometimes I Lick Magnets"

*One evening in the office, I’m asking Desmond if I could refer to him by a variety of adjectives.

: Can I saaay, Desmond is the cutest? 81 more words