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Day 15 - Beulah Bound with Boys

Yesterday, two days after returning home from eight days in New Jersey, I repacked and came with half my family to mom and dad’s cottage at Beulah to spend a few days with them. 351 more words

07-08 Keeping Busy

la, la, la,

as if I,

weren’t thinking about,

la, la, la,

the day went,

la, then la,




through my office,

la, 17 more words


07-05 You and NoOne

Which one of you,
knows my heart?
Which one of you,
would know my heart?
Which one of you,
and none
the heart replies,
and none, 11 more words


Mr. C* Part 2. what a line....

He can be so awkward, it’s great. He made a comment after awhile last night; “Just to let you know, I am amazing at foreplay. Like…. 87 more words


Chapter 17. From a boy traveling in Africa

He wrote me this email about being at the hospital where they dont quarentine TB patients well and they are sick and coughing everywhere and not wearing masks.. 130 more words


Here's what I think of your e-mail

Part One

Sometimes, ex-boyfriends are dumb. They open closed drawers and drag things out, years later, in search of “closure.” They send e-mails, written with the help of a thesaurus, to let you know they’ve gotten more intelligent in your time apart and rub it in that they’ve met your replacement. 267 more words