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2014 April PAD Challenge Day 14: Write a poem with the title "If I were (blank)"

You know the drill. Today I’m supposed to be writing a poem starting with a statement “If I were (blank)”

If I were better organised… 80 more words

Why Does My Stupid Heart Still Beat?

Why does my stupid heart still beat,
Why are my eyes crying?
Why does the sun still rise and shine,
Why do the stars still glow? 42 more words


A doodle a day...

There’s a new doodley thing going on. It’s on Twitter, and goes by the cunning name of Daily Doodle. Every day a theme is tweeted, and folk submit a doodle. 161 more words


Poppies Are Red

Roses are red.

Poppies are too.

If you’re unsure,

Here are photos for you!

The next verse must be read with an American accent for it to rhyme: 100 more words


Poppy Pathos

I went hiking for some poppies,

Looking for the perfect shot.

I trekked and trekked and trekked some more,

And this is what I got.


A Ferocious Poem

You can see from the previous post that Sally gave me ‘ferocious, two, hole and brilliant’ to work into a poem. By the time I had muttered ‘ferocious’ to myself 203 times it started sounding a bit weird. 146 more words

Poems By Rebecca

Flora (haiku - Shadorma)


Daisies for Mommy

flora are words in petals.

Felines may envy.


Now if I

could  get that big one

yellow one

tasty one… 26 more words