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Beauty Of Nature

Silly Poem (Part Two)

The Feel Of Wind,

Stirring My Soul.

The Funny Drizzle,

Making Me Smile.


Trees Go Dancing,

Like Waves Of Joy.

Birds Go Chirping, 18 more words



Silly Poem (Part One)

The Colors of Rainbow,

Keep Calling My Name.

The Stars Above,

Say Shine Again.


The Moon Keeps Me Company,

And Plays A Little Symphony.


All Seems Magical.


The Chicken Coop.

A man came once to a farmer and said why do you have an egale in a chicken coup.
The farmer said that is a chicken , the man said that is an egale who acts like a chicken. 309 more words

My Poems Over The Years.

Shooing with Tongue on the Tongue of a Shoe

To celebrate my 400th posting, I am going to follow the “Poets and Writers” prompt instead of the WordPress one. To see their weekly prose and poetry prompts, go here: … 246 more words

Judy Dykstra-Brown

Santa's Christmas Ships Parade

I cruised in Santa’s Christmas ships parade,
Decorated vessels afloat at night.
Spreading good cheer on a magic crusade,
All looking so festive, merry and bright. 176 more words


I Don’t Know How to Let You Go

Your sneakers,
your flannel,
these grapes
that snow.

You’re too strong
for these chocolate shavings,
teenage years. Your leather
jacket stings. I know.

I dream of gingerbread… 28 more words

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo.

Well, Shakespeare won’t be quaking in his boots but he may be spinning in his grave as silly poem day makes a comeback!
Today we’re concerned with jungle deforestation. 122 more words