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Pulp Friction

If you are reading this article, congratulations. You are part of a dying breed that still finds some level of novelty, entertainment, or perhaps even joy in a pulpy medium that may soon go the way of the dinosaur. 659 more words

General Interest

Silly Putty and Stem cells? What a combo!

Working with stem cells can be a little unruly, it’s sort of like asking a five year old what they want to be when they grow up– then making them stick to that plan. 480 more words


Someday Funnies

I’m not sure what today’s title means… other than sounding vaguely intriguing and click-bait-y.

BTW, I stopped getting a daily paper six or seven years ago.   24 more words

Comic Commentary

Newspaper Comics

Is it just me or does anybody else find newspaper comics or cartoons annoying and tedious, yet we feel compelled to read them? You’ve already guessed the punch line in the first frame but you read on to the end anyway… and you were right…you predicted it. 123 more words

Homeschool Chemistry 101 - Day 4

Introduction to Chemistry

By Daniel H. Vestal, AmeriCorps Museum Investigate Lab Educator

March 26 2014 marked the grand finale to our Introduction to Chemistry series, with a rousing request for an encore. 943 more words

Family Science Investigations Class

Classic Seinfeld: David Putty, Devils fan

Is is socially acceptable to wear face paint? According to David Putty the answer is yes.


When I was a kid

The P2 classes at my Patron of Reading school, Comely Park Primary, are looking at the 1960s (“When Gran was a girl”) this term, and it just so happens that I am a 1960s baby. 874 more words

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