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Kitten style

Not much new here today, just Wolfie lookin pretty fly…

Do people still say that?


Camp Arcanum Book Trailer

I’ve been told by those who should know that book trailers don’t make a lot of difference in sales. Only those who produce them for large sums of money seem to believe in their efficacy. 82 more words

Josef Matulich

Bien sur, that was Moses yesterday, being all relaxed and comfy on the bed. That is one of the few photos where you can really see his missing leg. 17 more words


the sunshine peeking through the dark

The world continues to turn, life goes on even when you find yourself stuck in the muck and mire of depression and anxiety…which I have to say only adds to the isolation, loathing and fear, yes, fear. 645 more words

Good Stuff

Tune Tuesday

I love Sia’s voice, and the dancing in this one is complex and entertaining. Well done.

Silly Stuff

Facebook drives me crazy

I went on facebook this morning
To check my mail and say hello
When I spotted on my newsfeed
Stuff that I don’t need to know… 158 more words

Silly Stuff