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I didn’t want to believe it. That nasty tickle in my nose and throat came out of the blue. I shook my head with disbelief. I mean, I barely leave the house, how the hell did I catch a cold? 118 more words


Great Gifts for Photographers!

We all have them right? Photographer friends for which we need gifts! OR Fun gifts which we need to buy for ourselves! Right?

I recently found this site and I love the products on it!!! 9 more words


Graffiti as art

My header image is from this graffiti art. It’s on the side of the building of Dexter’s in Thornton Park near downtown. I know the fountain she’s holding is the… 131 more words


Lazy Sunday

Wolfie likes to guard the front yard. Whenever I go outside, so always meows very loudly at/to me, as if to either whine at me for not paying attention to what exciting things she’s doing, or to tell me what she’s been up to. 32 more words


It's raining, it's pouring ...

It’s raining now…it’s getting heavier by the minute. The rain sounds and smells wonderful, somehow…so lovely to see the rain outside my window, knowing it’s cooling and cleaning the air…giving me such a wonderful feeling of peace…although I’m busy doing a thousand things at the same time (!) but the pouring rain somehow relaxes me…and make me pause. 44 more words

City Life


That’s what time I’ve been up since. I had a challenging time falling asleep last nite too, so that only compounded the affect. It was cold in my room, but I managed to get out of bed and get dressed for the gym. 68 more words

Silly Stuff.

Fashion Backward

I have to laugh when I see the “Fashion Dos and Don’ts” articles in magazines. (Full disclosure: I do not and never have had a subscription to anything more expensive than Cook’s Illustrated. 890 more words