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Team Psychapoo

We’ve been calling ourselves “Team Psychopoo” (credit to Dennis Lee…he’s been big around our home lately.)  For a little while it was “Team Bubblebutt” (credit to Major Lazer…inappropriate perhaps yes, but hilarious nonetheless…)  The potty stuff always make the boys laugh their heads off.   410 more words


Once you’ve been in a relationship for long enough, I think you forget the importance or at least the fun of flirting. There is something so spectacular and silly about getting to know someone new. 6 more words

Another edition of lazy student animal memes, enjoy!

So, I’ve been dying from an evil cold and so have found some more gems, enjoy!


Sir Digit Izer and the Champion Word of the Week: Mamihlapinatapai

“I, Sir Digit Izer, of the Library of Berthoud, herby proclaim “Mamihlapinatapai” as your champion word of the week (Pronounced ma-mE-la-pin-ya-ta-pl):

*To be spoken in a very proper, High English, accent* … 92 more words



There’s a big fight going on in the woods, ants are kicking elephant’s ass. Suddenly, one of the ants climbs on top of a tree, and yells: “Boys, get out of the way, I’m gonna jump and kick my foot in his face!” 36 more words