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Day #19

Today’s prompt was a bit silly, but fun. Apparently, there are some pretty wild names for sea shells. The challenge listed nineteen actual sea shell names and asked us to use one or more of them to write a poem. 288 more words


How short is too short?

How short is too short?

A guide to the appropriate length for men’s shorts.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (sometimes, if you live in Indiana), the fish-smelling trees are blooming and warmer weather is blessedly approaching. 233 more words


Midnight Adventures

While contemplating the use of triangular nutmeg,
I donned my Peruvian hat and set sail in my woody canoebubble.
During my travels I discovered a Lazarus Jewell box as I was climbing the false cup and saucer. 32 more words


See No Evil, Hear No Evil

A light, sweet and somewhat clever comedy. Not terribly memorable, but funny and pleasant.

Watched In 2014

You've Got a Friend in Porn

INTERNET PORN HAS CHANGED US ALL. When I was a kid I couldn’t even have imagined what I would eventually bare witness to spelunking the caverns of the interweb. 539 more words