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The idea of love.

Most of us are in love with the idea of love, thanks to all the movies and the fairytales that they show us. Most of the teenage girls fall in love with the first guy that comes their way, thinking maybe it’s their prince charming, hoping they’ll have their happy-ever-afters. 707 more words

Debby Ryan Invents A Fun New Game - Learn How To Play It Here!

Debby Ryan took to Vine today to share a hilarious new game that she evented. The game is called “Dead Weight” Check out her vine video below to see how to play! 10 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

April 18: Self-Compassion

On days when tiredness stymies memory,
I do not tax my brain- it is unwise.
I focus on the rudimentary,
The fundamental on which work relies. 81 more words



I texted a friend a few days ago and he didn’t reply.

So I texted again yesterday. I normally don’t do this. With most people, I’d forget, or be too shy to text them back. 211 more words


The Random Blurbs of the Awesome Possum #One

So the kids and I invented something childishly humorous.

It made me laugh anyway.

So, to boast our new project together, my little cousins have founded “The Random Blurbs of the Awesome Possum.” 199 more words


A Silly Story to Make Me Smile

Just an explanation. Back in January, my dear friend Janrae died. She was also known as the Cuss. Soon after she passed, her daughter, Sovay, showed some of us a piece of chat between them. 887 more words

General Blithering