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Random Musings: A look at World’s Finest’s Wackiest

In recent decades a lot of comics— be they in the superhero genre or otherwise— have offered tales as sophisticated and thought-provoking as those of any good novel or short story. 1,313 more words

Top Five Long-Term Marvel Comic Book Investments

This is simply a list of comics that I think will increase over the long term, and that being said there are never any guarantees. 247 more words


The Flash: The Fastest Show on TV Returns


The scarlet speedster has made it to live action television for the second time. And it looks as though he has legs in the new brave world of small screen super heroics. 1,848 more words


Maximum Security: Thor vs. Ego (2000)

I typically don’t write about books this new, but being that this is a reprint of incredible material, I figured it was OK. When you can showcase something as special as a Silver Age Thor story, you gotta do it. 160 more words

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Dr. Strange: The Lee-Ditko Years

Donny gives us his unique take on some mighty strange tales…

Strange Tales #110-111, 114-146
(Reprinted in the Essential Dr. Strange Vol. 1)
1963-1966… 2,055 more words


Marvel's Greatest Comics #58, 1975 (originally Fantastic Four #76, 1968)

Continuing from a post from earlier this year, I wanted to push forward with part two of this awesome story. Of course, the first Galactus story is best, but this one is no pushover. 183 more words

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Aquaman will rule in new DC films, but first as this Play Arts Kai figurine

During the superhero revival of the “Silver Age” 1950s and 1960s, Aquaman was re-introduced as one of the founders of the Justice League of America. As all interesting superhero characters are, Aquaman is tortured and conflicted, oscillating between his positions as a fallen king of Atlantis and brooding doer of good. 99 more words