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Fantastic Four #45 VF+

The Inhumans are a race of beings with superpowers that were created when an alien race called the Kree experimented on Earth’s early humans. 96 more words


Silver Age Review: "Practice Makes the Perfect Crime"

Silver Age Review: Green Lantern # 39

Story: Practice Makes the Perfect Crime

This is my very first silver age Green Lantern comic. A Christmas present from my friend and blog mate Adam, this and Green Lantern #44 were the first ones to tick off the list in my… 292 more words


1964: Daredevil #1

Written by Stan Lee with art by Bill Everett (who also created Namor) this issue takes us through Matt Murdock’s origin and his search for his fathers killer. 563 more words


How the Debut of Amazing Spider-Man Signalled a Coming Change At Marvel

Journey Into Marvel – Part 61

Extremites, up until now — aside from the tangent into 1963 when I couldn’t find the early issues — we’ve been progressing through the Marvel universe chronologically. 671 more words


Giant-Size Daredevil #1, 1975 "Electro, and The Emissaries of Evil"

As we all know, Daredevil has had some ups and downs over the years as far as sales are concerned. But honestly, the ups far outweigh the downs, especially when you look at some of the off the wall things Marvel was doing with the character during the Bronze Age. 187 more words

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Random Musings: A look at World’s Finest’s Wackiest

In recent decades a lot of comics— be they in the superhero genre or otherwise— have offered tales as sophisticated and thought-provoking as those of any good novel or short story. 1,313 more words