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The Silver Age origin of ... The Dollmaker!

A couple of weeks ago, the behind-the-scenes bad guy on Gotham (the pre-Batman Batman show on Fox) was an unseen character called The Dollmaker. If you’ve been keeping up with the current incarnation of the DC Universe, you’ll recognize that name — he’s the cannibalistic villain Barton Mathis, who did the Joker a favor and cut his face off for him. 659 more words

Plastic Man

Marvel Spectacular #13, 1974 "The Scourge of the Super Skrull"

Originally presented in Thor #142 (1967), this issue features Thor, accepting a challenge from a man on a motorcycle that wishes to race against him! Well, OK, that’s not the main part of the story, but it is the funniest. 147 more words

Comic Books

Solar: Man of the Atom

In today’s post, I’ve decided to take a step off the beaten path and travel outside the Marvel and DC universe. One thing about getting into comic books that I’ve noticed is that once you step outside the realm of pop culture characters it becomes difficult to find decent reads. 830 more words

Marvel's Greatest Comics #71, 1977 "The Madness of the Mole Man"

Switching gears for a moment away from the Marvel team books, I’d like to showcase this one adventure of the Fantastic Four. There very first adversary, and always a classic, the Mole Man, is back, and ready to finish off Marvel’s first family! 130 more words

Comic Books

Enter the New Team: Avengers 16-20

So here begins our journey with a new group of avengers.  New characters, new villains, new dynamics all start in issue sixteen.  Cap continues to develop as a character, and the new characters all find their places in the team. 2,046 more words

Captain America

Comic Books: The Silver Age

Donny is back explaining the Silver Age of comics to us. Among other things I like that he mentions R Crumb below, who also did the album cover for… 1,161 more words