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Tree Stories 2 – Silver Birch

When I posted the first entry under Tree Stories, on 2 August, I said that I had completed another story. Here it is: Silver Birch. … 488 more words


The big world of a single tree

And not even a particularly large tree at that.  The Silver Birch in my garden, in fact; 12 metres high – give or take – and probably about 14 years old.  201 more words


Things in my garden

I find that I appreciate my garden more when I notice the small things. Here are some of them. 58 more words


The Man in the Woods

The Man in the Woods

Midsummer’s dusk whispers
where Silver Birches creak,
swaying in the wind.

A mantle of shadows

-now you see him-

-now you don’t- 17 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge - Fray

I like the frayed nature of some bark and grasses.

For others in this Challenge, click on this link. 6 more words


Silver Birch Teachings - channelled by Maurice Barbanell


Quotes from Teachings of Silver Birch:  What a glorious message we have for your world of matter – a message that makes men free and teaches them to rejoice in their divine heritage; a message that teaches them to throw off shackles and bonds; a message that teaches them to rejoice in the fullness of spiritual knowledge; a message that shows them how to live not only on the planes of matter but on the planes of spirit; a message that brings them beauty, love and wisdom, understanding, truth and happiness; a message that speaks of service, service, service… 1,201 more words


Tree following: August

We have had high winds this week and the pavement beneath my tree is strewn with snapped twigs. I thought perhaps, after our early spring and long, sunny summer, that autumn might be coming early but the leaves on this silver birch are still resolutely green. 177 more words

Silver Birch