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Silver Birch by John C. Nash

John C. Nash finally settled down as a self-employed bookbinder and writer in Northampton, England. His poetry has been published in various magazines including Antiphon… 31 more words


Gentle Sentinels

Their bark is
A precious parchment,
Marked for
Sealed sonnets
Secreted in bonnets;
Miniaturised messages
Saved in lockets.
The great Silver Birch
Waves mirthfully, 7 more words


Muddy paws and ponies on Upton Heath

Monday 5th January 2015

It was another cloudy, damp day today and, being a Monday, Max and I walked over to Upton Heath. Because of his eczema I’m having to keep him out of the water (other than up to his knees), so this morning he got his revenge and walked straight through the middle of thick, black mud. 207 more words


Alowyn Gardens - Edna would have approved!

Alowyn Gardens – Yarra Valley – Melbourne

“Alowyn Garden is designed along strong symmetrical lines that become blurred by the softness of the spaces and the grace of the trees, within an area of approximately 4 acres. 149 more words


A Silver Birch Clopse - every Edna Walling Garden needs one!

Walling’s style was demonstrated with her magical method of placing silver birch trees in subtle harmony with one another, she took five potatoes from a bucket, threw them all in the same general direction and said “There!” It was no more haphazard than nature’s way. 204 more words

In The Garden At Uccello Lane

Ten Months on...

Season’s Greetings!

Ten months have elapsed since I last filed a report. A growing season has passed.

However, while my posts may have faltered, the Garden has continued to flourish. 87 more words

The Walled Garden