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salt dances across my cheeks and settles on my white knuckles like frosting. the wind bites at my eyes and crashes around my ears. i look down and all i see past the railing is endless water that eventually floods into the sky, silvery thick with clouds. 191 more words


Split-Grade Printing, Silver Gelatin

I actually do make silver gelatin prints. I’ve been away from the medium for a while, mostly concentrating on alternative processes. I needed a break from alt process work so I cleaned up my workspace, fired up the enlarger, and started printing my Paris images you might remember from earlier blog posts. 513 more words


2015: Year of the Print

I’ve been mulling over what I want to do for a photography project after enjoying my 52Rolls.net project for 2014 (all my posts).  I considered doing another year with that project, but focusing on a single camera and/or film, but I think I want to explore the printing side of things. 374 more words


About Me

Jeff Graves was born in Belleville, IL in 1966.  Since his childhood, Jeff has shown a serious inclination to the arts.  His interest materialized when Jeff started to combine his creative abilities with his love for backpacking and the outdoors.  129 more words


About the Images

Silver Gelatin 1890-1960
This is the most modern of the three processes I use. Light sensitive silver salt particles are suspended in a gelatin coating (by machine) on the paper. 503 more words