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weekly instagram recap {4.13.14 - 4.19.14}

on monday, kadi, jiggs, corey and i went to see andrew marks perform live @ malo. i never need an excuse to go to malo, let me tell you. 435 more words

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Very humbled & thrilled to be included in this amazing show curated by Hannah Stouffer for Juxtapoz. April 26th is the book release party for “psychedelic”.

Finding Joy Farm

I have been in New Hampshire 13 years and I just learned this: my favorite poet, ee cummings, was a summer resident of Silver Lake, NH.  467 more words

Local Scenery

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No trespassing will be necessary this July 12th, as Joy Farm is one of the barns on the Madison Historic Barn Tour. Love this story though.

We’ve Added Ralphs for LA Deliveries and Expanded to To New LA Neighborhoods

We’ve added Ralphs delivery in LA! Customers can order from both Whole Foods Market and Ralphs, and combine items from both stores into one order for delivery in as little as one hour. 118 more words


tucker visits LA {4.03.14 - 4.07.14}

yay! tucker came to visit!

as i mentioned before, it is so nice to catch up with a friend in person. don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining about how easy it is to stay in contact these days, but there is still nothing like some solid hang-out-time to catch up. 1,462 more words



“There’s definitely some gang activity and it doesn’t always feel the safest, but I also kind of like that about it.”

Giana lives in West Lake, which is between Echo Park and Silver Lake.

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“The idea that L.A. is a melting pot, that’s a good idea, but we need to really make it work.”

Joe has lived in Loz Feliz for two years.

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