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How To Turn Character Flaws Into Strengths With One Easy Mental Trick

Source: PsyBlog, 12/2014

An easy mental trick to turn poor personality traits to your advantage.

Believing that a negative personality trait has a positive ‘silver lining’ is enough to boost performance in that area, a new study finds. 231 more words


Marathons are just like London buses...

Losing out on the London Marathon ballot in September was frustrating but kind of expected as I knew getting a place was like gold dust. Obviously I could just reapply next year but after my Crohn’s Disease flared up and put me in hospital around the same time I thought maybe 2015 will be my only chance. 443 more words

Chronic Adventures

The torment doesn't stop

I’ve been afraid to post anything these last few days because I’m afraid of my own thoughts, but also afraid of what other people would think about me if I were to tell them to anyone or even post them here. 309 more words

In Pursuit of Happiness

17th December, 2014. 7:58pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Do you believe you need to know sadness in order to appreciate happiness?

It’s easy to… 259 more words


Medicating My Medication

I had a big presentation at the end of one of my Philosophy courses in college. It was a dense, grueling, 300-level class taught by possibly the world’s awesomest Phil professor in the history of ever. 1,841 more words

Listen Up! (21)

Words of wisdom from the wise.

No one’s situation is better or worse than anyone else’s. If you have ever heard the saying, “the grass is greener on the other side,” that was a lie. 272 more words

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