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Part 1: Maps, Mishaps, and Making the Most of the Moments We Are Given

If there’s one thing that makes me more anxious than waiting, it’s uncertainty. And when that uncertainty is directly related to waiting, I can become quite the mess.¬† 386 more words


Make the Silver Lining

There are two things I really dislike doing in life. One is eating a cheeseburger that doesn’t fit my standards. The other is watching a movie that is a waste of time. 360 more words

Thirty Trips Around The Sun, My Birthday

Today is my thirtieth birthday & it’s just like any other day in my house; I’ve got babies of all ages to feed, diapers to change, laundry to wash, dishes to clean, toys to pick up, homeschool to teach, etc…. 321 more words


Silver linings

by Irina Slav

I’m no motivational speaker and I never will be but I was thinking the other day that if there’s one single piece of advice I could give my daughter – and anyone else asking for advice — and be perfectly, without a shadow of a doubt, certain that it’s good advice, that would be “Always look for the silver lining.” 816 more words

Fascination Street

The Social Silver Lining of Disasters

 Accidents happen. Whether naturally occurring or by human hands, natural and manmade disasters are part of life on Earth. In a perfect world, catastrophes would never occur or, when they did, take no casualties. 751 more words


Flowers and People

We spend our lives striving to find happiness, avoid difficult or negative situations but challenges do occur and they happen to everyone. Bruce Springsteen said it best in one of his songs, … 151 more words