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A Dark Hour and an Opened Door

Back when I began this blog, I started writing it the day I felt my life was finally making a turn for the better. But I left a lot of details out, details that I feel will possibly offer some encouragement and hopes to others who might be feeling as though things can’t get better for them. 1,803 more words


Tubes with Holes

Making gloves is very difficult but the fingers are definitely the hardest part. That’s why I love that people and patterns like to be lazy. So now gloves are just circular patterns with a single hole for the thumb. 14 more words


All The Feelings

Sometimes, I feel more than I think I should. Do you ever feel that way?

I have always been a severely empathetic person. For example, my mother tells the story of a time in my early toddlerhood when she was unaware I could speak in full sentences. 460 more words

Singing My Song

It was pretty lame but it was an excuse to miss an hour from my bench, see my coworkers humiliate themselves and steal cheap pom poms to turn into cat toys for Binx

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud!

I’m big into music so I can usually find a song that in some way relates to my situation. In this case, it’s a classic: The Beatles. 723 more words

Life Lesson

Silver Lining

As if in a dream,
I wake up here
behind this pane of glass.

The steady darkness
and despair
does not seem to pass.

Standing still… 141 more words

Mental Health

I Wanted to Write a Blog Post...

…but I couldn’t.

I had a really terrible day. It was a domino effect of awful. Just one bad news bears thing after another. And I can usually brush this stuff off. 319 more words