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Silver lining


“I really like being the sun, exactly what allows clouds to have a silver lining.”

– Matthew Quick <The Silver Linings Play Book>

Moments In Travel


the age old saying of ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ is well versed these days. there aren’t many days when there isn’t a cloud in the sky- proverbially or literally. 456 more words


Sugar Coated Poo

Two weeks ago I received an e-mail from a woman who also has a child with autism.

She was less than happy with me.

And my blog. 892 more words


Here’s the silver lining:
When you get to open yourself to somebody, it would be very easy for that person to ruin you- cut the flesh, break your bones, and damage your soul. 154 more words

Examples of trees saved during development

I’ve been working on seeing positive things in my neighborhood, and there are many. First, here are some trees saved during the development that was… 260 more words


Tahir Register's Open Letter - Finding That Silver Lining ... READ HERE:

Dear Biscuitheads,

Often times loneliness reminds us of a false truth. The truth is, we are lonely, the lie is, we are alone. We are not alone in our loneliness, but I understand first hand how difficult it is to believe that myth. 833 more words

Tahir Register

Tonight's post is bought to you by the letter Zzzzzzz

Sick kids are exhausting! And this mumma does not have a lot of patience when running on 3 hours sleep! On Saturday Miss A showed signs of the sniffles and a little cough which has now escalated to a very chesty, wheezy bout of bronchiolitis.   383 more words