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Maffioso Renzi’: vaste baan bestaat niet meer voor 'Jan met de Pet’ in de EU.

( van onze EU Elite-gangster redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR- „ I’d Rather Go Blind, dan te buigen voor de ‘Ratten in pak ( Snake in Suits).
PvdA Eerlijk delen: dollar naar aandeelhouders… 479 more words

John De Mol

“It’s the end of the world as we know it

and I feel fine”


From the song: It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) – 1987…

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Al voto solo nel 2016?

In questi giorni la legge di stabilità definita dal Governo Renzi, che viene sottoposta all’attento esame dei giornali e degli esperti per scovarvi i tratti della manovra elettorale, in prospettiva di un ritorno alle urne nella primavera del 2015, potrebbe trarre in inganno gli osservatori sospettosi. 706 more words

Politica Italiana

Taartman jaagt het hele Gooise matras schrik aan. Geen Halloween-grap.

( van onze Wie neukt en moord wie privé redactie)

AMSTERDAM-NOIR–Omerta van kracht bij  (video) ‘Zwarte Piet’ Humberto als Peter R. optreed als ‘Taart-Ontvoering deskundige’ John de Mol. 598 more words

Peter R De Vries

Putin, in Milan for the Asem summit, goes by his friend Silvio Berlusconi

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, in Milan for the summit Asem, met his friend Silvio Berlusconi in residence of former Italian prime minister.
Berlusconi and Putin are… 49 more words


“Just one more tiny favour…”

Simon Dermott

From: How to steal a million – 1966

These days in Italy:

heavy rain caused floods in Northern and Central Italy (and while the so called “mud’s angels”, the young and less young volunteers, were shovelling the mud @matteorenzi betrayed for once twitter to write on Facebook, cause 140 character ain’t enough to reassure us that his reforms will save us from the Flood too…); the Unions are organizing protests against the Jobs Act; it has been announced the government budget 2014 that probably will not save Italy but almost surely will lower the chances of survival for the health care system, the public transport system, the welfare system…; in Milan took place the Asia-Europe Summit; the hysteria over the Ebola danger is rising not to mention the concern for the eastern wars…

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Du iu spik Inglisc? - A short guide to the italian politicians trying to speak English

There is undoubtedly plenty of awful things in the world: just think about war, famine, racism, religious hate… and I could go on forever. It seems almost impossible to draw up a chart when it comes to the horrors we are exposed to each and every day. 452 more words

Italian Language