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7.28 - A smile for you and a smile for me

James’ POV

After I’d finished getting ready, I pulled out my laptop and checked my emails.

I smiled as I saw one from Lance. That’s a good sign, I’ll be able to interrogate the weapon again. 2,305 more words

Sistem Informasi Manajemen di Pizza Hut dan KFC

Dalam menghadapi persaingan dan globalisasi bisnis, sebuah perusahaan haruslah memiliki daya saing (competitiveness). Ada empat dimensi daya saing yaitu biaya, mutu, keandalan sebagai pemasok dan fleksibilitas layanan. 169 more words

Tugas Kuliah MB IPB

Paragon - Autopilot Extraordinaire

Give me a second here. I have really been enjoying the beta for Elite: Dangerous, but that space travel is a SLOG. I might catch a lot of shit for that, but I am real tired of keeping my throttle in the blue and still overshooting the station every time. 1,566 more words