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Installing clsql sqlite3 using SBCL + quicklisp

I want to use the sqlite3 interface of clsql. I already install clsql using quicklisp. But when I try to run:

(clsql:with-database (db '("database.db") 
                          :database-type :sqlite3)
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Flash Fiction - Cyberpunk Superhero

Last Week’s FFF: Tender

In the Interworlds, I was a god. Better than that. I was a superhero. Not many players made it to my level. 1,017 more words


Casting call

Yes, you’ve read right.

Yes you may read the title again if you wish.

Now let me explain :D

I decided this on a spur of the moment thing, and, after lots of thinking, came to the conclusion that it would be a pretty awesome thing. 347 more words

Pastel Ballet Leotards Collection

I’ve always wanted a wider range of colours for the ballet leotards for my sims to workout out in. Who doesn’t?

So I present to you… 202 more words


7.58 - Personal desires

I understand I may be a bit…what’s the word…SLOW with these latest chapters. But in my defense y’all were already warned. This just makes the useless post not so useless anymore XD… 4,540 more words