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Memory, Social Media and Death

My flatmate, being the architect that he is, has entered a competition that has the potential to set him down the path of fame and fortune. 1,198 more words

Fivever love

Im always going to be a hopeless romantic. I am always going to expect flowers and smiles and cuddles and forhead kisses and doors opened for me and all that shit. 83 more words

The Lion King: Hamlet Without Hamlet

Will Shakespeare and Disney: arguably the two most influential creators ever. Sure, one is an Elizabethan playwright and the other is a billion dollar corporation, but Mr. 4,064 more words


An Atlanta Child Star is Born!!!

Atlanta, I just want to take a moment to congratulate Atlanta’s very own ‘Jahi Diallo Winston.” Remember that name because a star is born. He is the son of Pastor Darryl and Kena Winston. 66 more words


Mother Nature you are being a bitch

Last year we had Ice Storm 2013.  It knocked out the power across Toronto and other regions in and around the GTA for days, ruining Christmas for many and causing people and communities to really pull together to survive and thrive.  342 more words

Look Mumma, What A Mess!

Simba- Mumma look at my room. Such a mess

Mumma- Yes. Quite a mess. But who created this mess?

Simba- Me

Mumma- So who should clear it?

Simba- YOU


Young Love Pt. 3: I got an ass whoopin' in my pocket for you!

Just when you though it was safe to go back on the internet I hit you withthis post.

I was17 when an adult man asked me this question; “What are your intentions with my daughter?” 605 more words

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