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An Understanding

I look in you and I see myself
You are older, less educated, Muslim, and not fluent in English
But I still see myself
That chef over there is always cranky and sullen… 355 more words


13 Reasons Why Polar Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

This is the fourth instalment of the “bear” section.

Here are the other different types of bear that are featured:


7 Reasons Why Giant Pandas Are Similar To Human Beings

This is the third section of “bears”. 

If you would like to find out why Brown Bears are similar to humans please click on this link: 203 more words


15 Reasons Why Black Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

This is the second part of the “bear” section, secondary to that of Brown Bears which you can find by clicking on this link here: 312 more words


Similarities Between Running and Figure Skating


Running and I have only been friends for a few short months, but in those short months I couldn’t help but notice the similarities it shares with my other love: figure skating. 154 more words


14 Reasons Why Brown Bears Are Similar To Human Beings

I have split the whole topic of “bears” into 5 sections because there are so many different species:


Wonderful Wednesday - Similarities

Similarities – I saw this field with the tractors tracks – and few moments later this piece of Iron. Similar in shape. Life’s small surprises… 36 more words