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6 Reasons Why A Barracuda Is Similar To A Human Being

1. My What Big Teeth You Have – Barracuda have large, sharp teeth as do humans in a way. 

2. Big Head - Barracuda have large pointed heads and humans also have a head.  114 more words



It was so late at night.

I sat on a table outside, feet dangling slightly back and forth in attempt to keep myself warm.

He stood in front of me. 182 more words


6 Reasons Why A Badger Is Similar To A Human Being


1. Feel Good Food – Badgers are omnivores, much like humans are. Although we do have the odd vegetarian or vegan. Badgers eat lots of different foods that we humans also like to get our teeth into such as; insects, grubs, eggs, roots, fruit, lamb, chicken, rabbit and honey. 163 more words


Similarities between China and Spain

I am currently on holidays (yay!) in a small town in the southwest of Spain. It is one of those places by the sea which are quiet and empty during the winter, but in the summer their population increases tenfold. 572 more words


Cats and kids: an observation

I have two little girls. Phoebe and Zoe are pretty much the primary focus of my life. I also have Pepper, the neurotic, Prozac-taking, not super bright cat. 355 more words

Are Men Really Stupid? (Masculine Tuesday)

Hey everyone! It’s FEA here!

And just as I promised, this Tuesday will be Masculine Tuesday, when I talk about facts about men that women would like to know. 2,817 more words

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Biffy Clyro - Similarities album lyrics

1. “The rain”
2. “Thundermonster”
3. “Milky”
4. “Fingerhut”
5. “Watch”
6. “Euphoria”
7. “City of dreadful night”
8. “Sorry and thanks”
9. “A tragic world record” 28 more words