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My World

I struggled to open my heavy eyes due to the barrier of sleep protecting them, like a guard outside Buckingham palace it lay strong and idle, eventually the warm light seeped through and formed a mirage in front of me preventing me from taking in the secret surroundings. 157 more words


Our Bonfire Night Poem!

This week in Literacy we have been learning about onomatopoeias and similes. We’ve used our learning to write a class poem to celebrate firework night! Here is 1SL in action performing our poem. We hope you enjoy…


I never knew love until I found myself telling someone “your eyes are like sunrises” and meant it with all of my heart. The way the underbelly of her eyes turn into half crescents with sparkling suns peaking over the top, are exactly like a sunrise I once saw while sitting on top of a mountain in Japan. 245 more words