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One Legged Woman in an Ass Kicking Contest

Okay, admittedly, this may not be the most politically correct phrase.  My apologies, up front, for any of you who might be missing a limb of any kind, or know or are related to anyone missing a limb of any kind, and are offended by this phrase.   603 more words

Peculiar Posits

this emerged from the depths of my being unexpectedly

she smelled like an everything bagel. you know; onions and stuff. her hands were gathering morning dew, except the warm version. it was like someone had one of those nice, neat thin glass test tubes of boiling water and they poured it on her hands and the water soaked into her skin instead of splashing right off. 19 more words


Metaphors & Similies - Young Carer Experiences

  • Each star is different but we shine just as bright.
  • Running Out of Time
  • Its like being on a Hot Wheels track, its never ending.
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Blackberries and Truth

When I was a child we had a huge blackberry hedge next the the garden at our home. Taking care of the hedge was not a huge priority so after a few years went by the hedge had turned into a forest like the wall of thorns surrounding sleeping beauty’s castle. 444 more words