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An Ode to the Day of a Thousand (Near) Deaths

They say a coward dies a thousand deaths. Well, the same could be said of public transport users in Himachal Pradesh. On the short 1/2 hour ride from our homestay (about more soon) to the station we encountered potholes so deep new species were developing in them, taxis overtaking buses overtaking trucks while roaring around blind corners into oncoming traffic and sheer, no, precipitous drops on every side. 113 more words

Shimla (or Simla?)

Firstly, how to pronounce it? The English of yore called it Simla, but the approved Indian pronunciation is Shimla. Except by the Indians who live there… 341 more words

Why have doubts when you have entered in a relationship with God!

I asked this question when I shared with my guide and mentor the fact that this Lent season I am trying to be the prodigal son who has returned. 333 more words

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