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Long Time No See

Hey guys! The next episode is here! Kate decided to take a big decision, what do you think it was?

Loewe Legacy

NEW PAGE: Meet The Townies

Hey guys!

I have been thinking about an original way to introduce the most important side characters to you and an idea came on my mind. 124 more words

Loewe Legacy

New Players & Promotions


Welcome to the Navajo, and today we would like to welcome Ensign John Turner, who will be an Operations Officer aboard the USS Navajo. We’d also like to outline the list of promotions, handed out this past mission. 365 more words

That Ideal Healthy Lifestyle

I use the word ‘ideal’ in my title as, for me anyway, a healthy lifestyle is a great thing to just be able to do day in, day out. 452 more words

My Thoughts

Site Changes

Hello all,

As you will have noticed there have been some changes made to the site, we’ve added a join application and a contact us form. 93 more words

Navajo News

Well Met,

So far the Showdown in Betreka is certainly underway, and we’ve gained two new members and a plethora of NPCs (Non-Protected Characters). A familiar face is behind the name of Stephanie Danvers, and we’re not just talking about the actress chosen for the character. 120 more words