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Asylum Challenge!

If you’re ever playing sims and feel like just leaving them to their own devices for a while, this challenge is perfect for you. Usually, you have eight sims in a large house (with limited amenities!) and your goal is to control one caretaker and have them complete their lifetime wish in order to escape the asylum. 319 more words

Sims 3

Meet the Ashers...

I was simming for awhile today and I made a family — an elder named Laura and her daughter Kayleen.

That is Laura, family sim, Gemini, wants to raise 20 puppies/kittens… which is not going to happen. 185 more words


Morning! :D

It’s a good day to sim, bc it looks like it’s going to rain. :)  I just took my meds. Only a few more sleeps until that Yoshi 3DS is in my mitts. 33 more words

Sam made me and Jase as Sims!

Wishful thinking on my part…

This is supposed to be Jase but he looks more like our savior — Jesus. Don’t you think so?

Sam said to me that the sandwiches my simself is making are bologna .. 20 more words

Legacies, Pictures and Babies! (Also I'm not dead)

Right. Okay. So.
I don’t actually have anything planned for this blog post, so I’m hoping to just blow you away with cute pictures. I recently got a job and I’ve been kinda busy, but still simming whenever I can :D… 189 more words

Sims 3