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"To His Lost Lover" by Simon Armitage

Now they are no longer
any trouble to each other

he can turn things over, get down to that list
of things that never happened, all of the lost… 434 more words


Poems in the Playful City - Wakefield Literature Festival

This Sunday I’m running a workshop as part of Wakefield’s Literature Festival, and taking part in a debate with the wonderful Simon Armitage. The theme of my workshop is ‘Poems in the Playful City’. 7 more words

Simon Armitage

Lest we Forget # 2

For me the most enjoyable modules we deliver on the English curriculum are the poetry ones because they’re a good way for students to play around with language and begin understanding inference not to mention the techniques they will need to espouse for their exams. 315 more words


Ode to Sunday

Thank you for waiting.

At this moment in time, we’d like to invite First Class passengers only to board the aircraft.

Thank you for waiting. 327 more words


Poetry in Penistone

A-Z of Northern Towns: P is for Penistone

I’d never been to Penistone. At least I don’t think so. I lived many years in Huddersfield which is a few miles (and a few stops on the train) to the north, and spent the last twenty years just a few miles (and a few more stops) to the south. 1,752 more words

Review - Homer's Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey, Simon Armitage

It’s funny to think I didn’t enjoy Armitage’s work the first time I came across it. I think it was his translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that changed that. 205 more words