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Micro-teaching European integration: a very short project (potentially)

Today is the start of EU Twitter Fight Club, in which I – as the (14) seed (of 23 players) – will endeavour to win deathless fame by being good at said… 506 more words


How much should we plan what we say?

A short one, since it’s Easter and all of us should be spending more time with our families (or, at least, less time at work). 488 more words

Simon Usherwood

Twitter as community: building the utility of new social media

Now that the jet-lag has gone (and been replaced by the hangover from my birthday celebrations), it’s time to think about the practicalities of life, rather than the wide-eyed dreaming of… 407 more words


UKIP Ealing in the Evening Standard (Bryan Parry)

Simon Usherwood, Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Surrey, wrote to the Evening Standard on the 11th of March, saying:

Nigel Farage’s biggest problem has always been to get people to take his party seriously.

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Conferences as a hotbed of radical thinking

I like academic conferences. I like meeting old friends and acquaintances, the making of new contacts, the banter and the chatter, the overheard conversations of people who forget where they are and who might be listening, the discovery of even more areas of academic endeavour that you’re not interested in and (less frequently) that you are interested in. 743 more words

Simon Usherwood

ISA 2014: Hands across the (disciplinary) sea

As the last man standing at ISA 2014, it falls to me to make one of our regular appeals for more contributors to join us here at ALPS. 371 more words


ISA 2014: How do we teach about teaching?

It’s that post-panel moment for me here at ISA, at what is easily the largest conference I’ve presented at, if not the best attended session. As… 554 more words