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Here comes APSA TLC 2015!

This blog was born out of a slightly-drunken conversation at the American Political Science Association’s Teaching and Learning Conference in Albuquerque, back in 2011. As such, TLC has a special place in the hearts of ALPSblog members, especially because the professors among us are so generous with buying us a fancy dinner . 154 more words

Chad Raymond

Critical thinking and reading of contemporary events

For any Politics student, critical thinking is a central skill that they need to acquire and develop. Without it, it is impossible to engage in a meaningful way with the world around them or to have a sense of how their own ideas work and cohere. 307 more words

Simon Usherwood

Having a media element in your simulation game

A while back I was having an email exchange with Philippe Perchoc at my alma mater, the College of Europe, on the use of media elements in simulations. 799 more words


Building networks: we're on Facebook now!

As a mark of our desire to build the community of users/readers that we already have here at ALPS, we’ve finally decided (a mere three years in) to set up a… 60 more words

Chad Raymond

Handling feedback

At the end of last week, I got my first ever bit of listener feedback (family members not included).

From time to time, I get asked to opine on the… 628 more words


Peer assessment of simulations

One question that popped up a couple of times at EuroTLC was whether I use peer assessment in my simulations and – by extension – whether it is possible to use it. 637 more words


The joy of contestation: using technology to scope political ideas

After some big thinking (here and here), I’m back in the office, so it’s world of more mundane matters, mainly revolving around ‘how do we actually do X?’-type questions. 558 more words