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Handling feedback

At the end of last week, I got my first ever bit of listener feedback (family members not included).

From time to time, I get asked to opine on the… 628 more words


Peer assessment of simulations

One question that popped up a couple of times at EuroTLC was whether I use peer assessment in my simulations and – by extension – whether it is possible to use it. 637 more words


The joy of contestation: using technology to scope political ideas

After some big thinking (here and here), I’m back in the office, so it’s world of more mundane matters, mainly revolving around ‘how do we actually do X?’-type questions. 558 more words


Building good L&T research literature: A modest proposal

Here in Maastricht, we’re having some big discussions. The 1st European Conference on Learning & Teaching in Politics, IR and European Studies might have a long title, but it’s also proving to be an excellent space for stepping outside our usual roles and settings. 538 more words


European Parliament, playing cards, redux

Having proudly told you of my brainwave last week, I had to pony up on Friday. That’s when I played version 1.1 on my game that simulates the dynamics of the European Parliament with my… 142 more words


Context is everything! Reflections on the first stage of INOTLES

I’m back home from a week in Brussels, where I’ve been working with colleagues from across Europe on our TEMPUS project, INOTLES, developing pedagogies in teaching European Studies. 694 more words


Simulating the European Parliament with a deck of cards, and other bright ideas

As I noted last week, the research project I’m involved with – INOTLES – is moving into its next phase, with a meeting in Brussels. 707 more words

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