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Countdown to Christmas – Day 20: Snow

A few snow related videos. Here in the UK, it is quite rare to have a white Christmas; there is more of a chance of snow at Easter compared to Christmas. 51 more words


Simon's Cat: Off To The Vet

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield has four cats, and as you might expect, is off to the vet on a regular basis. Which also happens to be the name of a Simon’s Cat movie due out in 2015!

Snow Flakes

This week’s prompts at Grammar Ghoul Press are the word “Motel,” and the video below: Christmas Presence.


It was the first Christmas Eve in 30 years of wedded bliss that Nick and Connie Klaus would spend apart. 519 more words

Flash Fiction

THREE: The Story Behind "Simon's Cat"

I fell in love with this little series when it first appeared on YouTube, and watched it grow into a phenomenon. But I didn’t know the back story behind it…Who is this Simon, why did he start  making this show and why doesn’t his cat have a name? 369 more words

Behind The Scenes