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Roses of Autumn

Mum came and decorated our home with an idea she had seen online:

These are simple to make: just roll maple leaves, tie them with a piece of yarn and add unrolled leaves on the outside.


Simple Fall Crafts

We tend to stick closer to home as the days grow shorter & the weather turns, first cooler and then cold. Those cooler evenings in the fall are a great time to work on craft projects. 24 more words


Acorn Fleet

We found loads of acorns on the way home from daycare today. Turns out acorns turn easily into a fleet for the Autumn puddles (I am sure there will be some soon…) with the help of tooth picks. 23 more words

For Toddlers

Lil Ms Knitten

I went to the local library with my little daughter and we found the following book.

Cute enough to buy it now used from Amazon :-). 229 more words


Printing with a Bottle

We tried printing flowers on tea towels with 0,5l bottles because I saw an article I can’t find any more circulate on Facebook with a number of cool things to do with a bottle. 126 more words


Simple Crafts: Sunnies

Big sister made simple sunnies at daycare, which made little brother so jealous that we had to make him ones after our forest tourĀ at home. 86 more words

For Toddlers