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Lil Ms Knitten

I went to the local library with my little daughter and we found the following book.

Cute enough to buy it now used from Amazon :-). 229 more words


Printing with a Bottle

We tried printing flowers on tea towels with 0,5l bottles because I saw an article I can’t find any more circulate on Facebook with a number of cool things to do with a bottle. 126 more words


Simple Crafts: Sunnies

Big sister made simple sunnies at daycare, which made little brother so jealous that we had to make him ones after our forest tour at home. 86 more words

For Toddlers

Mindy Misfit

Inspired by the book Creative Embellishing by Tracy Terry (found in our library), I went and made my first little bunny of my own. Her little woollen bunny can be found on page 164, but I took it slightly further and the sky is really the limit. 262 more words

Simple Crafts

DIY Hair Bow—Bow ties can't have all the fun

After making Doug’s new bow tie, I noticed I still had lots of fabric left in the shirt I got from Goodwill. My first thought was “a bow!” While there are no cute little girls at my house, I have plenty of friends with adorable little girls who would enjoy a fun handmade gift. 237 more words


Art & Craft with Mez: Sea Shell Bowl Decor

Hello friends! So I have decided to try my hand at a few DO-IT-YOURSELF projects this season, since summer is one of the best times to take up a hobby. 705 more words


31 Days of Smart Summer Fun, Day 30: Making Weather in Your Kitchen

In preschool, most kids start learning about science with the “daily weather report.” You remember it: one of the kids goes to the window and reports back to the class what the weather is, and then the teacher adds it to the daily calendar. 279 more words