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I love brunch!

Brunch = Breakfast + Lunch. It’s probably my favourite meal because you can get both sweet and savory combined into one meal! Otherwise, I usually do sweet for breakfast and savory for lunch; therefore brunch offers the best of both worlds. 116 more words

Simple Foods

Curry: easy to make, takes a long time to prepare

I made curry today because there’s a pack of expired curry cubes in the fridge (expired 3 months ago so it’s probably still edible). Curry is super easy to make, but the prep work takes awhile. 43 more words

Simple Foods

Raw foods, more energy!

I feel the best I have in years! I have been making a whole blender of green smoothie for breakfast. My goal has been to eat one cooked but very healthy meal a day. 358 more words

New Habits

New habits, Raw foods

I have chosen to try a new habit for every month in 2014

So far I have stayed off Facebook, abstained from alcohol, and attempted to… 268 more words

New Habits

Cooking on the fly (Paleo Coconut Ginger Beef)

Okay first we have to get the following rant out of the way:


No seriously, please go away. Your persistent winter storms have left us feeling down right depressed and your teasing of the few hours of sun you’ve shined on us has done nothing but practically left us in tears over the long awaited Spring that still seems so.far.away. 457 more words

Good Eatins

My First Food Blog

For years my children, friends and family have enjoyed my cooking and the time I took to make sure it all looks good and tastes even better. 166 more words