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Project 333: A long time coming

I have been thinking a lot the past few months about simplifying my life so that I have more time for me, more time to be with my family and more time to get everything done. 613 more words


"Ah, sleep it is a blessed thing." (Rhyme of the Ancient mariner.)

Sleeping is a beautiful thing.

I speak as a person who can’t always manage it. Today I’m singing, chatty, smiling at everyone I meet, happy, positive, busy…I slept last night!  811 more words


My Vintage Miss Piggy Fantasy Calendar, and the Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

I’d forgotten I was a Miss Piggy fan in my former life (who, moi?). I must have expressed myself at the office, and after that, people brought me Miss Piggy gifts for my desk and bulletin board. 326 more words



I am very interested in this whole Minimalism movement that has been sweeping through the US for a while now. I learned of it through Pinterest, looking at all of the tiny homes and things of that nature. 488 more words

Why I Should Never Be Left Home Alone

It’s because I do this thing where I get depressed because I’m by myself and don’t leave the recliner for the entire day except to go to the bathroom and make (gluten free) boxed mac & cheese (thank you, Aldi!).   374 more words

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Starting a No-Till Garden

It’s a hot summer day, sometime in the early 1970s, and I am on my hands and knees in the dirt, crawling through the oasis that is my mother’s organic garden. 838 more words

Simple Living

Honest Clutter Attack

January is a great time to clear out stuff and start afresh .
Here’s a few tips to start off an honest decluttering session.
1. Don’t feel guilty if you are not crafter of the year. 167 more words