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07-24-14 - Thursday

“Situp Fury”
“Angry” is the perfect word to describe how I feel this morning after testing my blood sugar. 139 is way too high for a morning glucose reading. 184 more words

Type II Diabetes

Summer Days

It took a while but we finally got our computer back in working order. I have to admit, I really enjoyed being less plugged in. Although I did check in briefly each day, for the most part I have been internet free and enjoying it. 153 more words


How to Be Prepared for Anything - Leo Babauta

How to Be Prepared for Anything

‘Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.’ …

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Simple Living

What I don't have vs. what I do have

Minimalism isn’t just being cheap. Some people think that, and I get why they would from the outside. But it’s actually just deciding what is important to you and doing away with all the stuff that doesn’t help you live a happier life. 623 more words

Simple Living

Downtown Cebu

I was riding an open public utility jeepney to get home for the weekends and thought to share what I saw from that vehicle. 

From my apartment to my house in Liloan, I have to pass Downtown Cebu which is Colon: the oldest street in the Philippines. 94 more words


Boathouse blue and a room of ones own ...

“I shall smell a red rose, shall gently surge across the lawn (I move as if I carried a basket of eggs on my head) take my writing board on my knee and let myself down like a diver very cautiously into the last sentence I wrote yesterday” Virginia Woolf 1935… 331 more words