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Paring down some more..

-OR- part two of my GET RID OF IT series

“Paring down”? You know what that means- we must be talking about the kitchen! (get it?, Paring knife..? 1,546 more words

Earl turns 4, Three wise herons and learning to appreciate snotty oysters

Hi All,

Late last week I could have cheerfully had my little brother neutered and sent off to obedience class. Alas, this is WAY beyond the scope of my rights as a big sister (watch out Earl!) Instead I ended up having an (shall we say, for the want of a better word…) “interesting” conversation on Facebook with him which culminated in him badgering me to unfriend him. 2,319 more words

Reinventing T-Day

I don’t like turkey.

This will come as a shock to my family, who as I grew up watched me order a turkey sandwich every time we went out to eat. 633 more words


11-25-14 - Tuesday - A glance at Simple Living Over 50

I know that I write way too much about my own personal practices and techniques I use to beat type II diabetes and not enough about other things that make my life simple and stress free. 393 more words

Type II Diabetes

Don't go shopping on Thanksgiving. Do this instead.

I’ve never gone shopping on Black Friday.  I’m naturally quite introverted and just the idea of that kind of shopping gives me that anxiety buzz in my core.  940 more words

Conscious And Healthful Living

5 Home Library Cataloging Apps for Android

As much as I want to trim down my book collection, it’s emotionally tasking for me to part with them. Until I get over my attachment, I have to come up with how I’ll keep track of them so at least I can lend them out until they find a permanent home. 434 more words

Simple Living

Old ways...

Is there a meteorological or astrological moment that heralds the official arrival of Winter? Well it certainly feels as if we have moved out of Autumn. 468 more words

Simple Living