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Cucumber Mint Sorbet

I do not appreciate hot weather. I grew up in a beach town (Santa Cruz, California), and always expect the summer to be foggy and for the real heat to descend in September. 433 more words


Herbs Galore

I had a very fulfilling and successful day in the garden yesterday. Maybe a little too successful. I have an excess of many herbs and am already maxed on dried herbs. 141 more words

Pinned & Tried

White Old-fashioned

Another top drink from Ludivine, here. I’m not sure what white whiskey they used for the base, but I tried a few of my own and actually liked the cheapest option, Jacob’s Ghost. 53 more words


Cherry Balsamic Sorbet

Yield: 3 cups


1lb dark red cherries (such as Bing), halved and pitted (about 2 ¾ -3C)

2/3 C water

2/3 C sugar

2T balsamic vinegar… 95 more words



Welcome the new feathered guests in our yard. Watching them has been a joy. They found the feeder almost immediately. Maybe it was because I distantly remembered hearing that they are attracted to the color red so I hung up my red clothes in the window beside the feeder and peeped through a hole (what do our neighbors think of us?!).


Simple Syrup

Makes a varied number of servings based on amount of ingredients

A simple recipe for simple syrup, an ingredient in many sweet cocktails.


Equal amounts of… 74 more words

Cocktails And Mixers

Bengali Gimlet

Proposed by: David

Reviewed by: Jonathan

Cookbooks don’t have to be very complicated to challenge me, but I’m especially worried when instructions say, in effect, “Go to the grocery (or specialty spice store), ask someone about uncommon and/or subtle ingredients, add them together one by one (mostly through distinctly different processes), and then combine them all (until you wonder why you didn’t just do that in first place), then you are ready to begin.” 930 more words