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thirsty thursday: the fallen apple

Gone are my cravings for cocktails on the lighter side. While I still love a good mojito if the sunshine is out {because how can you go wrong with that drink?}, autumn cocktails need to be warm, comforting, and full-bodied. 360 more words


Spicy Simple Syrup

Watery eyes, burning mouths, runny noses and uncontrollable sweats… The fearsome chillies are guilty as charged. Whether you love them like me, or fear them like my better half, we all can agree on one thing: They can be fiery like hell! 722 more words


Prevent Scurvy, Drink Gimlets!

Our version of summerish weather is here, if you discount the odd day of rain. When it’s over 65 degrees out, we consider this a *hot* day and one’s mind wanders to gazpacho, tall iced drinks and, for me, gimlets with fresh lime juice. 429 more words


Cold Brew Coffee with Pumpkin Spice Syrup and Chocolate Syrup, aka, How I've Survived the Last 30 Days

The last few weeks have been hard. Like, I’m-not-even-sure-how-I’m-awake-and-functioning-right-now hard. In an attempt to make ends meet when moving back to Boston, I took a job at a cafe, which was part-time, and worked as a temp through a temp agency. 1,363 more words


Simple Syrups

As I work my way through recipes for drinks, both common and unusual, simple syrups keep showing up as a key ingredient. Simple syrups, like alcoholic infusions, can be flavoured with herbs, spices or fruit and add sweetness and flavour to cocktails, lemonades, iced teas, coffees, fizzes and sodas. 910 more words

Syrups And Infusions

rose water simple syrup

difficulty rating: ★★

this recipe is pretty simple. the most difficult part of this project is finding a grocery store that sells rose water. i found mine at an ethic bodega in Brooklyn but i’ve also found it at Whole Foods & Mrs. 44 more words


date simple syrup

difficulty rating: 

the process that is used to make simple syrup is used to make this date version. when i lived in Brooklyn, i lived in a very ethnic area. 211 more words