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Simple things to cheer up

Photo by: Paperback Castles

Everybody has days where they aren’t perfectly happy and cheerful. Perhaps you’re run down from work and exhaustion or you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 87 more words


Budgeting Baby Steps wk 6

So as I previously posted June was rough budgeting wise and so July has been spent trying to right the ship. August will be here soon and I am a little nervous. 260 more words

Life In General


The breeze brushes my face, wispy fingers cooling my questions.

It’s funny what conquers the ragged places. You think it will take something big–like getting the answers you want–but sometimes it’s the simplest relief. 552 more words

Inside Out

Little Things the Make Life Worth Living

So often we look at the things that make us not want to live.  We don’t look at the little things in life that are so simple and yet make us smile.  342 more words

Mental Health

Beans and Bookshelves

My mom and I sat across from each other at the dinner table–she was snapping green beans in preparation for dinner, and I was reading my book, trying to ignore the fact that I could be helping her. 872 more words

Coincidences Do Happen, Right?

When Our Paths Cross

I read a great post from a blog I have been following for a short while. The premise is that “whenever our life path crosses someone else’s, whether it be for a few minutes or an extended period of time, we have something to learn from the person and something to give them” It goes on to say that our meeting is no accident. 726 more words