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Post Trail Stress Symptoms

Though I was on the trail for less than a month, it seems like my brain has been permanently programmed to hiker mode. I wonder how long it will take to: 286 more words

Appalachian Trail

Happy Days #20

Happy Days #20,

Hey Happy Days,

Today has been a long day… Ending with lamb cooked to perfection, not that I’m modest at all ;) … 248 more words


Slow Day

Easter Sunday was a slow day.

I woke up slowly and took my time over making coffee. Even on a school morning I start by grinding the beans by hand – this time consuming process can be afforded by simultaneous warming of milk and boiling of the kettle. 182 more words


Happy Days #19

Happy Days #19,

In full Sunday style today has been relaxing, relaxing, relaxing!! There is nothing better than not waking till midday next to the most gorgeous man in the world followed by breakfast in bed and plenty of steamy kisses. 95 more words


Happy Days #18

Ciao Giorni Felici,

Day 18 has been filled with mixed emotions…

I feel the stories are too confusing to document, let’s just say… Today I have witness immaturity, selfishness and a complete disregard for people’s feelings. 150 more words


Talking To Strangers

I am that person who talks to random strangers I meet in my every day — sales ladies, another customer of the store I am in and cab drivers most especially. 343 more words

Small Sacrifices

I chose this title after my favourite novel from my adolescent years. The novel by Beverley MacDonald as a dark story about an Australian teenage boy on holiday with his dysfunctional family. 578 more words