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Simple Pleasure Day 8

Going to the gym! You walk in, your hype music pumping in your ears. You plan your workout in your head. “I’ll go for 3k today” “Maybe I’ll bench those 45s finally” “Man, I wonder how many steroids that guy’s taken today” You step up, and you’re in the zone, nothing outside matters. 61 more words



This story has no name.

Nor does it hold any significance.

You do not need to read any further.

But you may, if you wish. 450 more words


The Simpler the Better

This week I learned that I’m a mutant.

Okay, not exactly a mutant. But I do have an extra bone in my foot. So while most of the world has 206 bones, I have 207. 304 more words

Life Lessons

Sauteed Sweet Corn

Many of you read about my latest food adventure of helping to put up sweet corn at my aunt and uncle’s stock farm in Iowa. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it… 240 more words

A Blog about Blogging - Teddying Around

I have had a couple requests on how and where did I create my blog. So I have decided to make a basic tutorial. If there is something you need clarifying or need help with please leave a comment below. 2,204 more words

Fear And Fishnets Blog

The Combination

Look at this, more food.

Amazing. Blogs and food.. Typical stuff.

I’m rapping right now.. Started from the bottom…

Raspberry and chocolate is the best combination in the universe.. 177 more words