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Carlo's kouki s14

Here’s my brother’s pride and joy, a 96 Silvia. We got this about a year ago and it is has been his baby ever since. But don’t think that this is a garage queen as this is daily driven and is receiving some trashin’ during weekends. 77 more words


The Binary World

Hello coward!

What’s the coward for?

Well, you seem to give perfect advice but you fail to follow through. You give relationship advice and you are single. 666 more words


layered summer salad

In the middle of Spring, yesterday felt like high Summer. It got to a crazy 39°C and all I really felt like were seven icicles and a really big bottle of water, but that’s probably not sustenance enough. 372 more words


Time Flies

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot. – Michael Altshuler

We are in charge of our lives. People shouldn’t complain about how much time they have in a day because we have 86,400 seconds each, it all depends on how we use it.

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Just simple things, not diamond rings.

Sometimes, happiness may seem difficult to achieve. You might think that you need that nice new car or that gorgeous little black dress that you saw while on an impromptu shopping spree and didn’t have enough money to get.  407 more words

Assigned Work

Daily inspiration, black & white

I sometimes feel that I’m repeating myself but when you have your preferences that’s what comes through in almost everything you do – at least in my case. 36 more words

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