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Ginger Poached Pears with Almond

Are you stuck on what to make for dessert in these cold months. Well do I have the one for you. Warming ginger poached pears with cinnamon and lemon served with creamy vanilla ice-cream and syrup. 281 more words


Bahagia itu sederhana

Bahagia itu sederhana.
Sesederhana kalimatnya
Bukan punya rumah 15M yg bikin kita bahagia
Bukan punya mobil 5M yg bikin kita bahagia
Bukan punya aksesoris milyaran yg bikin kita bahagia… 167 more words


My Relationship With Faith & Religion

I am not what most people would call a “religious” person in the sense of what people generally associate with the term. I do not regularly attend church. 517 more words

Staycation - All I Ever Wanted!

I am currently in the midst of my 2 week staycation from work. I know that seems like a long time and it is. I had a lot of vacation time to use up and with me putting all of my extra funds towards my debt payoff and savings, I decided a staycation would be the cheaper option (and for the most part, it is…) I also figured that it would be a great opportunity for me to purge all of my possessions. 300 more words

Stop & Enjoy The View

One of the things that appeals to me the most about the minimalist lifestyle is the sense of calm that the people who lead it seem to have. 300 more words

Life is colorful

Hey there,

I thought I’d better start writing my articles because I have sooo many pictures to share! And a lot has been going on. I love summer.   427 more words


So Here's Where I'm At

This is going to be one of my most embarrassing posts and that is saying a lot considering what an awkward life I tend to lead. 274 more words