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POETRY: Simplicity

Twinings Orange Pekoe
Judith Moffett

The gas ring’s hoarse exhaling wheeze,
Voice of blue flamelets, licks the kettle’s
Copper underbelly, which crouches
Closer, concentrates, by degrees… 573 more words


SIMPLICITY: A Second Simplicity, by Richard Rohr

From Falling Upward

Beyond rational and critical thinking, we need to be called again.  This can lead to the discovery of a “second naiveté,” which is a return to the joy of our first naiveté, but now totally new, inclusive, and mature thinking. 

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Essentialism: Taking Time to Do what You Want

Many of us who love our work and find many things compelling, often find ourselves busy but don’t feel productive. We say yes to everything and advance a millimeter on all of them. 154 more words


PRAYER: A Prayer For Simplicity, by Edward Hays

From Pray All Ways

Lord of True Liberty,
You who commissioned Moses
to lead Your chosen children from bondage in Egypt
to the freedom of a new land, 219 more words


#100happydays Day 57

April 14th

Busy morning Chez Shiels, first time this year to get a line of washing out! Watching bedlinen sway in the wind is good for the soul…..and the pocket as it saves me using the tumble dryer!! 32 more words

Life, Love, Family

The gateway to your happy life

Taking a glance at any best-seller list will tell you this – people want to be happy, or happier. At any point in time, there are at least a handful of books on the lists that will tell you how to find greater happiness. 1,410 more words


The Beauty of Simplicity? (and the beauty of change)

“Living life and loving Jesus in the beauty of simplicity.”

That sounds good, doesn’t it? It used to be the tagline for this blog. I thought it sounded good when I first put it up and I still think it sounds good now.

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