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Prescience, sensed, something seems

Held out of reach, patiently

Softest mist on the fringe of dreams

Whisper softly, again I may know

Days long gone, in silent groves… 32 more words


Puddle + Swim Ring = Fun!

Last night we had one of those long, cleansing summer storms, complete with deep, rolling thunder and eye-clenching lightning. You know the kind. And when you get up the next morning, the whole world looks fresh and new.


23 - snaps

Just some recent snaps…life has been quite mundane lately, but there’s a comfort to normalcy at home when everything else outside of home seems to be diametrically opposed. 36 more words


Day 1- the beginning.

I’ve doing research for coming up a year now, on the minimalist movement, living simply and creating the life you covet. This blog has been my insights and describes how I live my “Life of Simple Luxury”. 1,102 more words

Home And Living Space

How to be happy; a simple guide.

When I think about our generation, certain ‘catch phrases’ and driving thoughts come to mind. We’re obsessively passionate about ‘pursuing our dreams’ and we’re the Kings and Queens of YOLO. 1,154 more words


Dog, Cow, Monkey & Man - Part Two

This is not an original story – others have shared it before (for example, here). Someone shared it with me recently, and we have a Part Two to it :) 451 more words


Nimue and revdarkwater have returned from what her mother wryly observed was perhaps less of a vacation than a “family experience.” Actually, they got home a few days ago, but engaging with the full What I shed today routine has eluded him … till now. 179 more words

Daily Shed