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An open letter to my friends and family

I started to type this out on my facebook feed, but I felt others with Aspergers would probably like to read this. I know that not having light or sound sensory issues makes me feel like a freak in the autism community, but I have other sensory issues that should be addressed and recognized on the high functioning part of the spectrum. 532 more words

Have courage
for the great sorrows of life
and patience for the small ones,
and when you have
laboriously accomplished
your daily task,
go to sleep in peace.
God is awake.
-Victor Hugo


Every Mum Needs a Getaway (how and why I did mine)

I kissed my babies goodbye, hugged my man, and headed out the door with a little swing in my step. My overnight bag was on my shoulder and my purse was stocked with journals, books and chocolate. 839 more words

naked feet

minimalist. that’s me!

i like doing without things.

i like to do without shoes.

for the better part of five years i went naked from the ankle down.   298 more words

Spring Cleaning Week 4

It is popular in our culture to say how busy you are.   As a parent, we can feel pressured to be on every committee and sign our children up for several sports, piano lessons, art lessons and, encourage them to achieve top grades.  279 more words

New Plan??!!

Well this post-California entry was supposed to be how we stayed primal and crossfit friendly in San Diego California.  You see we have been there before and loved it and were excited to go back.   199 more words