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esProc Simplifies SQL-style computations – Ungrouping

During database application development, we often need to handle complicated SQL-style computations. One of them is the ungrouping, that is, the opposite process of grouping and summarizing which requires, for example, splitting each record into multiple records. 574 more words


Engaging the holidays with a four thing day

Just a couple more days until Christmas, and I’ve been feeling balanced about the whole holiday thing; I’ve got time, I didn’t go overboard on anything and best of all, college kids have fully settled back in for their break (evident both by the extra joy and the extra dishwasher cycles). 539 more words


We Are the American People (Insight from my time back in the US)

We are Americans. We are American people. We are the people who set a standard around the world. Well, at least we’re the people who think we do. 1,529 more words

One final act for SIMPLIFY

I was reading blogs and I came across Elise’s post about how she was attempting a Winter Capsule wardrobe and I thought what a perfect way to end my year with my word, SIMPLIFY which I reflected on the other day, … 615 more words

esProc Simplifies SQL-style Computations – Transpose Rows and Columns

During database application development, we often need to deal with complicated SQL-style computations. The transposition of rows and columns is one of them. Oracle uses pivot function to realize this computation. 902 more words


Intention: Simplify

There is a woman that lives on my street who I see walking to and from the bus stop every day. I see her in any kind of weather – the most sweltering days of summer and the most brutal days of winter. 1,015 more words

Day 355: Refrain

Hoo boy–we can go all the way back to Day 13 on this one….

As I’ve said many a times on this blog: I’m hardly a Luddite. 334 more words