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The Moving Strategy

So I officially started packing some things up a few days ago, and we gave our move-out notice to the leasing office yesterday. Hello, stomach butterflies. 1,003 more words


And so it begins...

I am terminally unhappy. I have no reason to be unhappy – I have a great life: I have a boyfriend who is crazy about me, my own home, a loving dog and cat, supportive family and friends, and a growing promising career. 1,056 more words


The end of day one

Well, day one has not been a complete bust – I accomplished two out of three of my daily goals. I was also able to eat breakfast and spent about a half hour in mediation. 674 more words


on mental clarity

I have held off in writing this post for some time given all that is already written about it. So rather than explain the significance of mindfulness and meditation to simplifying one’s life (which while important, will be redundant to some of you), I will just share my experience with it. 507 more words

Painting Flowers

Cycles and Memories


Being the artist I always dreamed of being has been a big challenge. Business sense does not come naturally to me.  I have spent most of my life feeling the pressure of being a failure. 410 more words


clean up on aisle 5: beautiful mess

“What a beautiful mess!” I’m sure you’ve heard it said before. There is even a song about it so it must be true.  It goes, in part, like this: 454 more words


Take off your Winter clothes...?

Imagine a hot, steamy Summer day. (kind of hard to think about with the cold outside, huh?)

Anyway, on this hot Summer day, picture yourself working around the house and maybe playing tennis or golf with a friend. 207 more words