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A patch of sunlight on a warm cable box, a simple equation for happiness.

This week Ailsa has challenged us to “Simplify”. Follow this link… 13 more words


In Only a Few Weeks ..............

My home, although not with white walls or floors, will look somewhat like this.

Gone will be the clutter, the unnecessary furniture, the possessions that own me, not I them, 300 more words


Simple Joy!

Last night we had one of those long, cleansing summer storms, complete with deep, rolling thunder and eye-clenching lightning. You know the kind. And when you get up the next morning, the whole world looks fresh and new.


A Prompt

Things have been insanely busy around here for a few weeks. Saturday will be the culmination of Stage One of a new business venture/lifestyle change. Details about the weekend on… 715 more words


Food Clense

I nearly have my entire kitchen cleaned out, ready to start fresh with my eating habits. Its not that I had bad habits, they just needed work and fell to the way side over the past couple of months. 241 more words


Minimizing Stuff: Thoughts and Feelings

Alongside donating books by the boxful, I have also been giving books away to people who I think will enjoy them. For example, my friend Luis wants to learn how to cook like me, but does not know where to begin. 478 more words


When you think you've simplified, simplify some more

We need much less than we think we need. – Maya Angelou

A few months ago I overheard the mother of a bride telling someone that the month before the wedding was… 569 more words