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Are You Leaving Behind a Gift or Guilt?

Are you leaving a gift or guilt for your loved ones?  A bounty or a burden?  It’s time to think about it.  Seriously.

Living or deceased, in about 90% of the cases I see, older adults are leaving a… 600 more words

Dealing With Stuff

focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t…

spending last week supporting my cousin as she dealt with the death of her father was a definite reminder and confirmation of why i want to live tiny. 124 more words


Minimalism Murdered the Mall

The mall is dead to me. Well, maybe not dead, but it’s not nearly as important or fun as it used to be. It’s all minimalism’s doing; and honestly, I’m pretty happy about it. 408 more words


Tips on how to stay organised and simplify your home

Having too much ‘stuff’ is not helpful if you want to be more organised. Cupboards over flowing with sentimental items that have no use, piles of books you once read that now just gather dust or kitchen cupboards with stacks of plates for every day & ‘when entertaining’. 589 more words


Who needs a 21st Century guru?

“I always deserve the best treatment because I never put up with any other.” 
–  Jane Austen in Emma… 241 more words
Susan Caba


Do you feel overwhelmed by things going on and think there just isnt enough time in the day? Maybe it’s time to simplify. It’s easy to get caught up in joining every little thing, agreeing to be at a hundred different places, thinking you need to buy the next big thing. 87 more words


Four Keys to Being a Good Leader

When somebody is accountable to you—whether it’s a child, a spouse, or someone in the workplace—you must manage those relationships well if you’re going to get the most out of them and exercise the greatest degree of godly influence possible. 542 more words

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