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Silencing the Ego

After 1 1/2 weeks in the states, a taste of Japan in the ANA airport lounge before my flight to Taipei. I ordered noodles at the noodle bar, where there is a noren curtain concealing my and my server’s faces from each other. 133 more words


Blogging With Purpose

My blogging so far has been sporadic. Partly because I haven’t made it a habit, taken time to make it a priority. Partly because I don’t know what is important to share in our journey. 279 more words


How I got to where I am now - wardrobe edition

Before embarking on my minimalist journey, I wasn’t one to go out every month and acquire something new. I still had a wardrobe full of clothes. 311 more words

Capsule Wardrobe

Bedroom phase 1, part 2

My husband knew I had troubles getting this corner done. I have struggled with it for months!

It didn’t seem like much, but there was a lot of “perhaps-I-need-this-later”-stuff in my boxes, which only made me stress about not getting things together so that my side of the bedroom would be cleared up. 78 more words


Aesthetics and Minimalism

At first glance the word Minimalism might conjure up an image of vacant, sterile environments – those living spaces where you feel so uncomfortable because everything around you is so perfect and sitting on the clean white couch might wrinkle the impeccably placed scatter cushion. 370 more words

For the Love of Vintage

My love of vintage started early. When I was six or seven, my dad gave me his old transistor radio. He showed me the dials, and we tuned in to hear The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”. 550 more words


MinimaLUXE – The BIG plan on disposing things

As mentioned in my previous blog, the next big step for me to is to commence with how I intend to dispose my belongings. And trust me, this process is never easy. 712 more words