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Project 333: A Progress Report

For the past six weeks I have dressed from a thirty-three item wardrobe inspired by Project 333. Though you can start anytime, Project 333 participants generally begin their three month terms to coincide with the seasons (January, April, July, October). 430 more words

Project 333

Our physical move + a move towards less stuff.

We moved two weeks ago. Yep. I can’t believe it either. We merely felt a small nudge from the Lord to put our house on the market back in the fall and here I am typing this post from our new rental house. 991 more words


The Mystery Bag

I’ve had this bag of stuff for longer than I’ve known my husband. It’s definitely lived in four different homes with me, maybe five. It lurks under dining room tables, in lofts, behind desks, in the back of wardrobes – maybe it’s even been to Narnia and met Mr Tumnus? 133 more words


Simple Skin Care - Coconut Oil Lotion

I have made my own lotion, deodorant, and hair care products for about two years now. Making your own lotion with natural ingredients is so gratifying, and can save you money. 152 more words


Good deals

It’s really nice sometimes to pick up something that you really wanted for an expectational price. It makes waiting for it worthwhile. I’ve been trying to be more mindful of what I let into the house in general. 124 more words

Simple Living Update - Living in the Moment

The smell of Carl’s fresh coffee fills the house as I sit here this cold spring morning. Every now and then I can hear great gusts of wind roar past the house. 564 more words

Simple Living

Stuff It

The Western world has an uncanny ability to collect stuff.  Extra duvet covers, that covet-worthy side table, too many DVDs to count.

One advantage of the technology that is now everyday is that we have the opportunity to store a lot of assets in “the cloud,” including books, movies, and television.   77 more words

Sanity Enhancement