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Today's Word is... ACCOUNTABLE

So I got a letter recently from a male fan? Reader? Troll? Admirer?…he starts off by qualifying himself, he sees me around the blogosphere and thinks I speak real spit , I’m funny whathaveyou HOOOWEVER, when he found this blog he was disappointed to see me pander to tired black women (he referenced my big girls and… 336 more words


Today's Word is... HARASSMENT

“Will you marry me?”

She giggles, actually it was more of a cackle like I wasn’t right there.  She smiles, I stare in her inviting brown eyes, it was only a few seconds but it felt as though time stopped…. 732 more words

Simply Stan

Today's Word is... SELFIE

It recently occured to me, Me and Her never did it.

Me and Reine did it frequently.

Me and Ms. Avo did it a few times, now we do it ourselves for the other one. 486 more words


Today's Word is... LOYAL

So because its summer and my Red Sox are flat out depressing to watch, I been investing all my energy into keeping up with NBA Free Agency.  500 more words


Today's Word is... EXCEPTION

One of my biggest turn offs is when a woman is too hard on an ex. We all love and lose but there’s nothing attractive about a lack of coping skills. 477 more words

Simply Stan

Today's Word is... TWENTIES

It was a couple months ago, me and a couple friends go to see Childish Gambino. Now its a little known fact at the venue that if you eat at the adjoining restaurant, they let you skip the line and enter through the back, which is what we did. 551 more words


Today's Word is... ATTRACTED

So yesterday I was on Twitter, cracking jokes, basking in the vain custom that is hundreds of strangers wishing you a Happy Birthday on the Internet, I ended up coming across Jeremy Meeks; convicted felon turned social media heartthrob.  365 more words