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Colourcaste: Chapter 12 - Falling (Safe Version)

This is the PG rated version of the chapter. There is one “suggestive” paragraph and a single picture with a shirtless guy but that’s it. If that’s still too much for you then this probably isn’t your story; I couldn’t rewrite any cleaner without missing a pretty important plot point! 1,282 more words


Colourcaste: Chapter 12 - Falling

This is the mature version of Chapter 12 – if you don’t wanna read NSFW stuff please click here for the family friendly version!

‘Verum in luce lunae sustinuit… 1,841 more words


Never Far Away

Ida was feeling confrontational. The man allowed himself one blink.
“I would ask you what you are doing here”
“I could ask you the same question” 364 more words

Sims 3

Taxi-pedes and Time Machines

I love snow.

All right, we only got an inch or two here in Maryland, but… still.


Stupid midlife crisis.  Making me buy a new car. 1,331 more words

A Royal Prettacy

Welcome to My Little Corner of the Universe

My little corner of the Universe is a quiet place for the most part.  Sometimes there is yelling (when a bun is chewing something she shouldn’t) or the occasional outburst of laughter (something funny on the always-on TV).  723 more words

Sessions: Lucky

Sorry I’m late. Colin was being fussy.

That’s alright. I’d like us to try for a happy memory today.

Finding out I was pregnant. I kept feeling nauseated and tired, unable to focus on anything. 194 more words

Torres Legacy

8.6 - Chemistry

Edmund’s POV

With a tired sigh I dropped my chemistry textbook atop all my other ones. I’m already done with studying I still have another hour in front of me. 2,825 more words