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S8P4: Episode XVII

Episode XVII: Something Weird is Going on Here

While Katherine went into the store and made groceries for the household, Mihai walked around the town square to get a closer look at the town. 373 more words

Sims 3

The Invasion of Varisia V

Session Date: 17 October 2014. Continued from The Invasion of Varisia IV.

After two weeks of waiting and preparing, Cecil, Nu and Ciaran were ready for Mokmurian’s army. 534 more words


S8P4: Episode XVI

Episode XVI: I Know Exactly Where We Are

Peter Dawson-Dobbs seemed a bit eccentric to Katherine and Mihai. Despite the bitterly cold weather, he would go out every morning to dance around sprinklers in the garden. 228 more words

Sims 3

Character Spotlight: Andrei D. London

Andrei London

Full name: Andrei David London

Birthday: April 12, 1896

Age: 21

Occupation: Foreman

Current Location: Unknown

Misc. Information Important to the Story:

Torres Legacy

Character Spotlight: Rebecca Romajin

Rebecca Romajin

Full name: Rebecca Romajin

Birthday: April 18, 1899

Age: 18

Occupation: N/A

Current Location: Unknown

Misc. Information Important to the Story:
Matriarch of the London family

Torres Legacy

7.48 - Only the best for my little boy

Warning: PG for mild gore both written and visual in the beginning

I listened to this song on repeat for most of the chapter :D… 1,514 more words