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Behind the scenes - 7.33

This is more completely random than anything else…

Kord : I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it! I just forgot to drink anything, and the lack of free will prevented me from drinking that nice man over there! 321 more words

7.33 - Nix's road to recovery

Result: Nix’s road to recovery

Warrning: Might be a touchy subject

Nix’s POV

My paintbrush danced on the canvas transmitting my inner thoughts onto this piece of paper. 1,102 more words

3.10: Goodbye, Viridian City

Hey guys, I’m back with another chapter of the Kanto legacy! Last time, the Pewters got pregnant again and our newborn twins aged up into toddlers. 979 more words

Sims 3

Family Time

I love watching movies with the kids, it’s great bonding time.

Amaryliss loves the hospital set

Amarinda prefers shape sorting

Amalia likes eating ice-cream for breakfast… 26 more words

100 Baby Challenge

2:17 together forever

George and I tried for weeks but we still got nowhere. I took trips to the hospital to see why I wasn’t becoming pregnant. They had no idea and the only advice they could give me was to ‘keep trying’. 1,077 more words



Hello readers and fellow Simmers.  I would like to welcome and thanks you for coming to my blog were you can meet my legacy families and on their adventure through making a family.   21 more words

7.32 - Rosahelminthe's descendant

James’ POV

I guess in the back of my mind I knew going to the witch’s location probably involved seeing her again.

In those first few months, I’d imagined everything I would do if I ever saw her again. 2,011 more words