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2:8 Zari

I carried the little girl into the house.
“Mum? Can I have a word?” this was the only way to get her attention.
“What is it dear?” she turned her head from the couch and saw me. 1,111 more words


Colourcaste: Chapter 1 - Despair vs. Determination

There are two things that can happen to a person when they realised they have been left for dead. The first is despair. The natural response perhaps. 1,586 more words

Behind the scenes - 7.8

I was originally going to put the first ones at the end of chapter 7.8, but then the random things kept accumulating and I decided it’d be better if I just made a post solely for this. 457 more words

7.8 - On a summer day...

James’ POV

The trees shook their leaves silently as the wind greeted them. The sun shone down our backs, our black clothes absorbing the heat. 2,468 more words

S8P3: Episode XXII

Episode XXII: The Witch & the Wardrobe

Katherine was very happy to be back among the living. She was especially happy that she and her lover Mihai were back together again. 572 more words

Custom Worlds

2.10 Growth

Thomas was putting the babies to sleep when he couldn’t help but notice how fast it seemed they were growing- for a minute Joey appeared to be six feet tall! 345 more words

Sims Wishacy

Smith Legacy–Home Lot

Since The Sims 4 is nearly upon us, that means my Sims 3 Smith legacy will be coming to an end. I did manage to finish building and furnishing their new home on their original legacy lot, so I thought I’d show it off! 40 more words

The Sims