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S8P4: Episode XXV

Episode XXV: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

So Katherine and Mihai each filled out an application to attend the university. Considering their situation they needed to think carefully about what they wrote on the forms. 214 more words

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3:11 locked

I walked outside. It was a weird day. Something felt unnatural. Despite the weird feeling I walked over to Athena still smiling. I was so happy. 1,011 more words


Chapter 87-Pool Parties

When I am pregnant, I always crave grilled cheese, I wonder why

My parents returned home from their cruise, Travis found this lovely 3 bedroomed home to live in so we moved. 94 more words

Sims 3 Random Legacy Challenge

Chapter 3 is up and running!

Good evening people! Chapter 3 is finally up! Again, sorry it took so long. I haven’t forgotten about this story, I’ve just been so busy with Mary Kay and scheduling makeovers and also dealing with my other job at the nail salon. 19 more words

“Come on Grant, help me make dinner.” Eva walked over to pre-heat the oven.

Six year old Grant followed close behind her but shook his head, “Cooking is for girls!

85 more words
Torres Legacy

S8P4: Episode XXIV

Episode XXIV: A Change in Plans

Katherine and Mihai stayed at the Sunrise Sports Bar until very late, drinking and talking about what Mihai had discovered that afternoon at the library. 386 more words

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