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Chapter Seven: Broken Dreams

Within the next few days I had to return to work, even though I was still shaken over that one man’s death. And the way he looked at me afterwards. 3,731 more words

Sims 3

Why can't I have sex in Sims?

I look in games for romance, sex and domination interactions to fulfill my fantasies in the virtual world. I really enjoy playing Sims 3. I even more enjoy modding this game. 883 more words


Chapter 8: San Florian

Everything in San Florian was wrong. The language felt thick and strange on Puaura’s tongue. The air smelled, not of salt and sand, but of spices and people and dank buildings made of clay and stone. 402 more words

Sims 3

Claudius (McDermott) Caprice

Baby #10

Claudius (McDermott) Caprice

Traits: Genius, Friendly.

Currently a TODDLER.

Significant Other: N/A

Child(ren): N/A

Other Siblings: N/A

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100 Baby Challenge

Generation 3: Chapter 3

“But I want to go too!” Paxton pouted. Really, it didn’t seem likely that she would still hold the ability to pout and throw puppy eyes while pregnant, but, if anything, they seemed even more potent than I had ever seen them. 1,807 more words


We pick up late night on the 7th day, right before it turns Day 8.  Salty met and married Tobias Goldbeard previously and she is now showing signs of a risky pregnancy.  1,218 more words

Barnacle Bay

7.62 - So ha ha

Xavier’s POV

I am so…incredibly bored.

I checked the clock for what seemed like the hundredth time.

I wanted to get home from school as soon as possible. 3,386 more words